I am right in the midst of a marathon of food blogger events!  It’s all fun and games until you have 15 blog posts to share.  Bear with me while I power through the backlog.   So, one of my more unique events was a trip to Bowl and Barrel in City Centre.  This high end bowling alley caters to the foodie who wants to partake in some while eating good food.  I had the pleasure of visiting Bowl and Barrel with my foodie friends from Houston Food Blogger Collective!


I would not be real if I did not note how much I cannot stand parking at City Centre!  There are so many town centers in Houston and none seen to suffer from the parking woes that City Centre does.  This is probably because they do not parition off half of their parking garages for over priced valet parking.  I fumed as I drove around looking for parking!  Once I arrived I learned that Bowl and Barrel had free valet. *shakes fist in the air*

Within City Centre, Bowl and Barrel is located in a section that until recently had not seen much action.  It honestly took me awhile to find it.  It is located on the main level on the street that includes Seasons 52 and Hotel Sorella.  Inside, Bowl and Barrel is outfitted in typical man cave fashion.  Dark leather, wood paneling and old school accents.


I actually took this picture! Doesn’t it look fancy LOL.



The staff brought out several bites for us to try as we bowled.  Since this is a more casual atmosphere, most things could be eaten with your hands.



I think you would be hard pressed to find a bar on this level at any other bowling establishment.  I ordered the French Kiss cocktail because the Proseco is my friend!  This was just one of the many cocktails that Bowl and Barrel had to offer.  I cannot say that I will try those though because the French Kiss one my heart!


For the most part, Bowl and Barrel is just like any other bowling alley.  Here though, they bring your shoes in a basket to your lane.  I guess this makes it fancier, but I would have preferred the old school shoe exchange in the front lobby.  That is just a part of bowling for me :).


Oh, the final distinction were the pins! Have you ever seen bowling pins controlled by strings?  Once you threw your bowl and knocked over the pins, the pins would pop back up like Pinocchio.  When you since this you cannot unsee it!  I am no professional bowler so I cannot say what difference it made as far as bowling goes, but it is interesting to watch the pins pop back rather than slam and bang down the bowling chute.  In short, if you like bowling and are look for a spot with higher end food and drinks then Bowl and Barrel fits the bill.