Guess what guys, Shake Shack is here! Shake Shack is here!!!  Well, almost! This past weekend Shake Shack hosted a pop up at Pass and Provisions  to get Houstonians excited about the new addition to the Houston burger scene.  In a few weeks, Shake Shack will take up residence in the newly remodeled Saks 5th Avenue wing in the Galleria.   I got a chance to stop by the pop up last weekend and here are my thoughts.


The Food:

The menu was a “give them a small taste” type of menu with only a few options.  For example they did not even offer their signature shakes!  I ordered the classic ShackBurger which comes with cheese, lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce.  Can I just say aesthetically Shake Shack burgers always look fake to me and I mean this in a good way!  The lettuce is always bright and the tomato too like a cartoon photo.  Despite the perfect look, the hamburger meat appeared to be fresh and not frozen circular block like fast food spots.  As far as taste, like many burger spots Shake Shack expects you to get the flavor from the toppings not the meat itself.  The ShackSauce appears to be mayo based sauce.  I typically HATE mayo on my burger, but here it adds a unique flavor that makes their burger stand out.  Plus that soft bun??  I was sold.


Final Verdict:

So how does this New York implant stack up next to our local burger spots?  Well the celebrity of Shake Shack alone is hard to contend with.  Remember the lunch scenes in Something Borrowed with Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinksi? That was Shake Shack! People will line up for this spot just to feel like they are part of the “in crowd.”  Maybe it is me, but often times the popular spots do not live up to the hype! I have to say, in this instance they really are providing you a great burger a step above your fast food haunts of course and competing with other local favorites as well.   I for one cannot wait until it opens later this year so I can enjoy their full menu.


The Galleria location is now open for business! You can find Shake Shack across from the Cheesecake Factory.  I visited during the soft open and I must say it was even better than the pop up!  Check out the pictures below :).