I had a few friends in town this weekend for Beyonce’s hometown concert.  I do not care what anyone says, I will never pay to see her anywhere but Houston! This was my third Beyonce concert and the best one yet. At the end of the concert, she signed off by saying she was going to get some good food.  I thought awww Beyonce is a foodie like myself! By Monday the internet was ablaze with the restaurants Beyonce graced with her presence over the weekend.  After the concert, she jetted over to BB’s Cafe, a 24 hour spot that specializes in cajun food and crawfish.  I have never posted on BB’s Cafe but they were proudly displayed on my Instagram during Fat Tuesday.  THEN Beyonce topped off her visit with a stop to B&B Butchers for a Mother’s Day Brunch.  Now you all know, this is one of my favorite spots in Houston, as I have blogged about it twice.  It still remains my favorite event with the Houston Food Blogger Collective.  That was long winded BUT I had to tell you all of this to say that Beyonce is a foodie like myself and frequents the same Houston restaurants that I do!


Moving on to the subject of this post though, anyone that comes to see me expects GOOD food and I am always up to the challenge. From my end, guests mean an opportunity to take a willing participant to new restaurant without bribery or footing the bill.  This weekend, Fajitas A Go Go it was!

Location: The creators of Tacos A Go Go have brought us a fancier version of their midtown restaurant right off of Kirby near Rice Village. I cannot help but compare the restaurant facade to Chipotle, although food wise, it is not the fast food variety.  Once inside, you order and have a seat where you prefer either inside or outside.  Most of the tables are outside on their small side patio which is clearly the ideal spot on a breezy May night.


Drinks: Like any Tex Mex spot in Houston, there are spirits available.  We stuck with water.  That may sound boring to but in this case it came out of a fancy container which included lemons and limes for flavoring.  Oddly enough, the water was one of my favorite things.

The staff wore these hats and I LOVED them. One of the guys told me that he's had some customers who were offended by this hat. HA!

The staff wore these hats and I LOVED them. One of the guys told me that he’s had some customers who were offended by this hat. HA!

Food:  Even though I was not that hungry, I ordered the queso as an appetizer because it is an essential part of any Tex Mex meal. Fajitas A Go Go has a blanco queso which takes me back to this dumpy Mexican place called El Rancho that everyone frequented in my college town. I have fond memories from there I promise! Anywho, this queso was great, nice kick of spice which worked well with the salty chips.   The order of queso was eight bucks for a pretty large serving of it, larger than other comparable restaurants like Torchy’s.  Plenty to share with a group.



For entrees, my friend and I decided to split the fajitas which were described as a portion for one to two people on the menu.  We did the half and half with beef and chicken.  Let me just say they LIED… in a good way. There is no way this entree is meant for one person.  I could easily make three meals out of it myself. The meat was flavored well enough that you could really just eat it with a tortilla and be content, but they bring out the fajitas with SO much stuff.  A HUGE portion of fresh guacamole.  Other places will make you pay extra for that much guac.  House made beans, grilled onions, chipotle rice, chips & salsa, hand made tortillas, seasoned butter and green crack aka green salsa also came out with the fajitas.  I was overwhelmed!  The idea of seasoned butter was new tome, but it smelled so good I just put it on everything. I also loved the salsas and took the opportunity to throw some queso in the mix too.  Finger licking good.

Beef and Chicken fajitas.  All of the sides and toppings weren't even pictured here.

Beef and Chicken fajitas. All of the sides and toppings weren’t even pictured here.

My other friend ordered the shrimp quesadillas which also came out on the cool lunch trays.  The quesadilla was stuffed with Mexican cheeses that just oozed out as you bit into.  Add a dollop of sour cream, some pico, with the seasoned shrimp and this dish is perfection! That will definitely be on my list of things to order on my next visit.


Shrimp quesadillas

Overall: You cannot have enough Tex Mex/Mexican spots in your repertoire and Fajita’s A Go Go definitely earned it’s spot on my list.

ALSO, do not forget to register for my Fajita Festival Giveaway! I will pick the winner this weekend so there is still time to sign up.


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