Oh how I appreciate my co-worker and her commitment to new content for my blog.  Her and I brownbag it for lunch Monday through Thursday and come Friday when we have grown sick of Lean Cuisines, she drops by my office and asks  “Where are we eating?”  I in turn scour my list of places to try, shoot her over some options and then she reviews the menu for items that fit her gluten free diet and then we are off! This past Friday, Tiny’s No. 5, the second location of Tiny Boxwood’s was our pick.


First off, can I just say, I felt like I walked into a scene of Real Housewives of West University.  Tiny’s No. 5 is on Rice Boulevard, but not the Rice Village end.  It is nestled right in a neighborhood, that you would never find unless someone told you it was there.  Inside, there were what I affectionately call, ladies who lunch grabbing brunch and lunch with their gal pals.  Then the place is set for a perfect garden party with fresh cut white hydrangeas on each table. Beautiful lawn chairs inside and out.  It also has a clean color palette.  Plenty of whites, neutrals and grays.  All of this made it feel warm, bright and inviting.


You order when you walk in and receive an order number to take to your table.  These kinds of places are great for those of us who only have an hour lunch.  Waiting on the ticket always seems to take 5 hours when you are in a crunch for time.   For ordering, the menu is conveniently drawn on a huge chalkboard and offered more options than the menu we reviewed online.  I went for the crispy chicken salad.  Honestly, it is hard to make a salad stand out in my opinion. As diners you go for that option because it’s “healthy” more than taste.  This salad just threw my rule out of the window.  I really liked all of the aspects of the salad! Fresh greens, the right balance of bleu cheese, crispy bacon, tasty chicken and a unique dressing that provided the perfect flavoring for it all.

Crispy Chicken Salad

Crispy Chicken Salad

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Caesar Salad


I will end with this, if you do nothing else go to Tiny’s No. 5 or the original Tiny Boxwood location for the chocolate chip cookies! This is what they are known for and they really deserve every accolade they received.  I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie when I ordered and nibbled on it until my food came.  Once I felt the warm cookie package the waitress handed me, I knew this was going to be good.  I know I have listed other places as my go to cookie places, but I take back what I said!! Tiny Boxwood’s wins!!

Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Chocolate Chip Cookie!

I wanted to grab a cookie to go but of course there was a line as we headed out.  The next day I convinced my younger sister to go with me to the original Tiny Boxwood’s so I could get another cookie. The original location is smaller, ironically, but equally beautiful.  It has a large gazebo and an even bigger garden area.  Once we made it inside, the staff informed us that they were out of cookies.  No surprise to me, because they really are just that good!  We, being the greedy people we are, headed south on Edloe towards the Tiny’s No. 5 location on our quest for cookies!  A call ahead confirmed that they had cookies in stock, thankfully! My sister, kept saying, “These cookies BETTER be good, for all of this we just did!”  After she bit into that cookie she was sold! Tiny Boxwoods and Tiny’s No. 5 win on atmosphere, food and cookies, so I shall add them to my list of favorites.

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