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Getting Around Rome

My sister and I spent a week in Rome and managed to use a lot of modes of transportation during our visit.  Here is my takes on the options as well as some tips for Getting Around Rome! Metro/Subway There are signs everywhere directing you towards the train. By the end of our trip, we had using the subway down!  This was by far the cheapest and most convenient way to travel around Rome.  I should note though that the subway line is not that expansive, so if you want to use the subway be sure to book [...]

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The Food in Rome

The main reason Rome has remained at the top of my bucket list for years? THE FOOD! I wanted to dine on all of the pasta, pizza and gelato that my stomach could contain! Here are all of the details on the Food in Rome, starting with  my favorite restaurants and ending with a few things I noticed while dining in Rome. Caico De Pepe I added the Caico De Pepe restaurant to my "must try lists" on the recommendation of a fellow Houston blogger.  Then I saw that it received the stamp of approval from Anthony Bourdain so I [...]

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Day Trip to Amalfi Coast

*Cues Upgrade You by Beyonce*  Look, I have wanted to visit the Amalfi Coast ever since Jay-Z mentioned it in his verse on Upgrade You a decade ago.  Over the years images of the beautiful coastal cities on Instagram and Pinterest only heightened my desire to go.   So once my trip to Rome was booked, I knew I would have to travel south one way or another just to see the Amalfi Coast in person.  So check out this quick post about our Day Trip to Amalfi Coast. Getting There We stopped on the side of the windy highways [...]

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Day Trip to Pompeii

For the rest of my Black Girls Who Brunch Guide to Rome head here. I spent the days before heading to Rome finalizing our activities for the trip including day trips.   I shot my sister a text message and asked, "Hey do we need to go to Pompeii?"  She responded, "What is Pompeii."   I was flabbergasted! Apparently my sister slept through that part of World History, so I spent the next thirty minutes explaining how the ancient city of Pompeii was destroyed and covered in ash after a volcano eruption in 79 AD, only to be discovered centuries later.  Now intrigued, she [...]

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Day Trip to Frascati Italy

Remember when I told you all that blogs are THE best way to research for trips? Let me share with you this win, I got thanks to the blog An American in Rome.  A quick google search lead me to this blog which as the name implies, is curated by an ex-pat living in Rome.  I of course spent hours digging through her content for ideas and found this really cool wine tour through Airbnb Experiences!  The tour would take us to a family owned winery called Merumalia Winery in the town of Frascati for a wine tasting.  Check out [...]

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12 Must See Attractions in Rome

Happy New Year! I am back from an amazing vacation to Rome and of course the first thing I want to do is share ALL of the details.  Rome has been at the top of my bucket list since the term "bucket list" became a thing.  When my sister and I found a flight deal to Rome during the Christmas and New Year holidays we jumped at the opportunity!  After seven nights in Rome, I have SO much to share.   This is the first of many posts, but lets start out with the 12 Must See Attractions in Rome! Even [...]

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Jack Stack BBQ Kansas City

So please do not judge me for the timing of this post!  Yes my trip to Kansas City was last month, but I still have more to say!  If you have followed me for awhile, you know I have spoken HIGHLY of Kansas City barbecue.  Straight off the plane, suitcases in tow, our first stop is always for a plate of barbecue.  I stick with Gates, because that is what I know! So this go around I decided to change it up a bit and try Jack Stack BBQ. The Setup Majority of my family lives in KC, so I [...]

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The Corner in Kansas City

As you can imagine, whenever I go out of town finding a new brunch spot is on the to do list.  I had a brief stay in Kansas City (my birthplace) a few weekends ago before I headed over to my alma mater for homecoming.  With my aunt in tow, I went in search of a new Friday brunch spot in Kansas City!  Per the suggestion of my friend, we headed to the Westport area for brunch!  Keep reading for all of the tea on brunch at The Corner in Kansas City! The Setup The Corner, literally sits on a [...]

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Travel Guides Roundup

So I like to travel, shocking I know!  For me, planning a trip can take months.  After I have scored my flight, I begin in-depth research about the new place I am going.  Most folks go to your big travel websites like Trip Advisor for reviews and guidance. I do too, because they are very helpful, but my favorite source of travel advice? Other bloggers! I honestly spend more time now searching Pinterest and my friends' blogs looking for information for my next trip.  I decided to share the wealth and drop a Travel Guides Roundup featuring my fellow Houston [...]

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Black Owned Brunchin’

So when I travel there are a few musts for me when it comes to food.  First, I want to stick to locally owned spots that reflect the local cuisine and culture.  Next, I gotssss to find a brunch spot.  The reason there is obvious!  Beyond that though, I also really like supporting black owned businesses!  While thinking about these three things, I decided to put together a list of black owned brunch spots around the country!  I reached out to my vast blogger circle and friends for their advice and posts so that we can spread some love via Black [...]