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Where to Eat in Aruba

We have come to my favorite part of any trip recap, THE FOOD! With a crew of eleven people I knew I had to do research beforehand and reserve as many tables as possible before we arrived.  With google and a little bit of luck while on the island, we found a few great restaurants that I highly recommend.  Before I jump in to all of the goods on this Where to Eat in Aruba post please note that we ate outside at night a lot, as such photos were nearly impossible so this will not be much a visual [...]

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De Palm Island Aruba

In the weeks leading up to my trip to Aruba, work had been CRAZY busy.   As I sat at my desk counting down the days till Aruba, all I could think was "rest and relaxation."  So I set out to find the excursions that offered just that.  At first glance De Palm Island looked more like an island paradise for families.  A little digging and a found enough to convince me that De Palm was perfect for our travel crew as well! Check out all of the that De Palm Island Aruba has to offer below! The Inclusions The [...]

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Things to See and Do in Aruba

When my aunts picked Aruba for our next family vacation, I thought "what is there to do there besides the beach?"  Per usual, I hit google to find all of the things that make Aruba unique!  While I did not do it all, here is my list of Things to See and Do in Aruba! Must See: On any trip to a new place one of my excursions is always a city/island highlight tour.  For Aruba, we booked a tour through Pelican Adventures.  We had a few mishaps with the booking process but in the end the tour was worth [...]

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How to “Overpack” like a PRO

I am an overpacker.  I am the girl who brings two suitcase for a weekend trip while everyone else brings a small duffle bag.  This way I lessen my travel anxiety by ensuring I have MORE than enough for my trip.  Southwest is also my go to cause I ALWAYS need to check a bag.  Before I went to Rome I decided to make a change.  My Rome trip required three flights each way and I worried that my bag would get lost in the shuffle.  So I set out on a mission, to pack everything in a carry on [...]

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How to Travel for the LOW

More than anything I want everyone especially black women to experience the joys of traveling far and wide!  Before I actually started traveling, I had misconceptions on the actual costs involved.  Once I stepped into the reality of my own budget, I found that the vacations that I dreamed of were within reach.  I am a firm believer in sharing the wealth, so I drafted a LONG list of tips on cutting costs while traveling.   Get into this "How to Travel for the Low" post now and be sure to comment with your own tips! Flight Deals If I could [...]

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Black Girls Who Brunch Guide to Rome

Hey friends! I took a vacation from my vacation and rested up before heading back to work.  As typical with any part time bloggers, a vacation from my day job means time to dedicate to my blog!  I spent the last few days creating all of my blog posts for Rome with information about where I stayed, what I saw and of course what I ate! All of these posts came together to create, The Black Girls Who Bruch Guide to Rome! If you want to know all about my Rome trip, start here. Enjoy :). The Must Knows Going to [...]

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The Bricks Rome Hostel

People, NOT ME, think that I may be a bit high maintenance.  So when I told them that we stayed in a hostel in Rome mouths dropped.  Look, high maintenance aside, I really thought I was on the wrong side of 30 to be staying at a hostel in Europe.  Plus, the idea of shared space and shared bathrooms really was not my idea of a good time!  So I was pretty shut off to the idea of a hostel until I discovered The Bricks Rome Hostel! Finding It When I search for hotels, I use websites like Expedia.  I [...]

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New Year’s Eve in Rome!

Our last full day in Rome just so happened to be the last full day of 2017!  We spent weeks trying to find things to do for New Year's Eve researching online about public fireworks displays, concerts and Rome traditions.  Once in Rome we asked around for good NYE options and finally settled on a NYE Pub Crawl which was suggested by one of our tour guides.  Here is quick run down of our New Year's Eve in Rome! Before I jump into NYE, here is a quick note about Christmas.  Do not go to Rome on Christmas.  As I [...]

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Getting Around Rome

My sister and I spent a week in Rome and managed to use a lot of modes of transportation during our visit.  Here is my takes on the options as well as some tips for Getting Around Rome! Metro/Subway There are signs everywhere directing you towards the train. By the end of our trip, we had using the subway down!  This was by far the cheapest and most convenient way to travel around Rome.  I should note though that the subway line is not that expansive, so if you want to use the subway be sure to book [...]

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The Food in Rome

The main reason Rome has remained at the top of my bucket list for years? THE FOOD! I wanted to dine on all of the pasta, pizza and gelato that my stomach could contain! Here are all of the details on the Food in Rome, starting with  my favorite restaurants and ending with a few things I noticed while dining in Rome. Caico De Pepe I added the Caico De Pepe restaurant to my "must try lists" on the recommendation of a fellow Houston blogger.  Then I saw that it received the stamp of approval from Anthony Bourdain so I [...]

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