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Back to Charleston

Writing blog posts ain't as easy as it used to be folks! But I had to come and share with you all of the great places I ate and visited on my return visit to Charleston, South Carolina.  After getting my second vaccy dose, I decided that I needed a week vacation in a domestic location.  I loved Charleston so much the first time, so I picked it again.  So Back to Charleston I went with a group of friends and family in tow. Much of my trip was similar to my last visit, so please be sure to check out [...]

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KP Kitchen

When you move to a new area in Houston, one of the first things you should do is find a good neighborhood restaurant.  Preferably locally owned with locally sourced food.  You know the kind where the owner is always present wandering about greeting guests and helping staff.  KP Kitchen is just that for those in the Memorial/City Centre area.  Owner Kerry Paul, aka KP, cut his teeth at Houston favorites like Benjy's, the Classic and Local Foods.  His experience at these great restaurants shines through in the setup of his restaurant, the elegant classic feel and of course the food! I [...]

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Roots Wine Bar

So listen, most of my blog posts are the result of one good visit to a new or new to me spot in Houston.  When the world is open, it is rare that I circle back to places because there is always something shiny and new that I want to check out next.  Welp, I visited Roots Wine Bar about a week ago and loved it so much that I was back with another group of friends by that weekend.  This here post is the culmination of two good visits to Roots Wine Bar and the conclusion you should take [...]

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Savoir Houston

Before the world shut down, I attended a work Christmas dinner at Savoir Houston over in the Heights.  I was super impressed with the food, service, the restaurant and the cute bar next door.   My plan was to come back and take photos in the daylight for a blog post.  Well here we are, over a year later, but I finally made it back for a socially distant brunch with a friend.  I gotta say Savoir Houston may be the best brunch in town that you just did not know about. The Setup During my visit in 2019, I recalled [...]

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Feta Pasta Bake

There is FINALLY a food trend that I can participate in.  Food bloggers and Instagrammers hop on the latest trend filling your feeds with some new recipe or new food trick.  A few months ago it was the Dalgona whipped coffee and since I am not a coffee drinker, I had to sit back with fomo as the rest of my foodie friends joined in.   Then, the feta pasta bake or as I like to call Instagram pasta, made its way to my feed.  An easy pasta recipe featuring cheese and a tomato sauce.  It had my name written all [...]

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Let’s Talk Gratuity

A recent dining experience got me to thinking, do restaurants change their rules of engagement based on the type of patrons they have?  For example, if the spot is frequented by black folks so are we more likely to see things like automatic gratuity, dress codes and other rules that impact the dining experience? I am not reaching any conclusions with this post, primarily just sharing my experiences and those of my followers.  If anything my hope is that we can start paying attention to varying dining experiences and also be better diners where applicable. The Dining Experience So here [...]

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Smoked Turkey Collard Greens

For the first time ever, my mother tasked me with making the collard greens for Thanksgiving.  Typically I make everything else, but she makes the greens.   Similar to mac and cheese, the collard green duty isn’t just bestowed on just anyone.  So I definitely felt the pressure to knock this out of the park.   Chatted with some friends and of course the internet to come up with my very own collard greens.  After I was finishing off a bowl of just collard greens the day after Thanksgiving, I realized that this recipe justttt might be it, so I am sharing [...]

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Sun-Dried Tomato Spinach Pasta

*This post (Sun-Dried Tomato Spinach Pasta) is sponsored by Barilla Pasta, but all content and opinions are my own*  By the time Christmas rolls around, my family and I are over regular holiday food.  Some years ago we started a new tradition for Christmas which typically includes a great pasta dish, a beautiful red sauce and something green keeping with the season’s colors.  This year, I’ve teamed up with Barilla to create the perfect pasta dish for our relaxed Christmas affair, creating a Sun-Dried Tomato Spinach Pasta. During the holiday season, HEB has you covered with ingredients for your traditional [...]

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Morning Glory San Diego

Last month I shared nothing on this platform.  This was the first time since I created my blog that I let a month go by without putting fingers to my keyboard and sharing a new recipe, restaurant experience or travel.  I spent much of last month consumed with the Presidential election.  Sharing important news updates on my Instagram page, encouraging people to vote and even serving as a poll worker on election day.  After election day I jetted to San Diego with my sister for a much needed getaway.  We did not do much on this short trip that warrants [...]

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The Original Hot Dog Factory Houston

If you are an avid watcher of Real Housewives of Atlanta like me you are very familiar with the Original Hot Dog Factory!  When Porsha introduced her boo, Dennis McKinley on RHOA some years ago, they also introduced us to his restaurant, the Original Hot Dog Factory.   The brand recently began franchising across the country with a new location arriving right here in Houston.  The franchise owners happen to be two Houstonian sisters.   I stopped by a few weeks back with my own sister to try out the Original Hot Dog Factory Houston.  Check out the details below! The Setup [...]

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