I’ve been a fan of Benjy’s and Local Foods since forever.  When the owners of these restaurants converted the Benjy’s on Washington in to a new concept, The Classic Houston, I assumed I would like it as well.  The Classic has been around for awhile, butI finally got a chance to try it this week for lunch at work.  Here are my thoughts!

The Location and Setup

The Classic Houston- Lunch Counter

Can I get the decorator for this restaurant group to come decorate my house? Per usual the space is beautiful! Combining retro items that fit the diner concept with newer items works well here.  I even recognized a cute lamp from West Elm! Inside there is a large bar that served as a lunch counter for solo diners during my visit.  There is also a row of large booths that line the Washington facing windows giving you a new age diner feel and a great people watching spot.  There is also an upstairs area and some outdoor seating as well.

Just like Benjy’s before, there is a parking lot that can be used by guests and some nearby parking.   Oh, they also still host private events in a room near the front of the restaurant.   This iteration includes a beautiful map of what Houston looked like forever ago.

The Classic Houston-The Private Room

The Private Room at the Classic

The Food

The Classic Houston-Lemonade

So keep in mind this concept is a diner.  My visit occurred during my work lunch break and they were still serving breakfast food in addition to their full lunch menu.  The brunch lover in me briefly considered grabbing one of those items because there are not too many places you can go on a Monday afternoon and order french toast.  Instead, I opted for the Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich hold the pickles.  Served on a warm toasted Hawaiian Roll with aioli, this sandwich is definitely a winner! In fact, I just may include it in the current chicken sandwich wars!  The chicken is seasoned well and the aioli sauce adds the perfect touch.  Then for me,you can never go wrong with a Hawaiian Roll.  All around great dish.

The Classic- The Spicy Chicken Sandwich with fries

The Takeaway

My guess is most people are swinging over the Classic for breakfast or brunch (I will be back for that!) But I gotta say it was the perfect work lunch as well and a quick jaunt for downtown workers too.   If you are a fan of their other concepts like me you will certainly appreciate the Classic.