*This post is sponsored by Basic Invite but the opinions are my own*

I am sure paper invites are among the many things that millennials are accused of not appreciating!  While I am one to jump on the latest technology can I just say that I love finding a beautiful invite or thank you card in my mailbox?  There is time and effort that goes in to picking an invite, finding some stamps and asking for people’s addresses.  I truly enjoy it!  If you are like me, Basic Invite has you covered.  So get in to the Not so Basic, Basic Invite!

How It Works

Although the website is named Basic Invite, there is nothing basic about how this website works.  The basic part truly applies to their easy use.  As I mentioned above, millennials struggle with mailing things because gathering addresses is so taxing when I can just shoot everyone a text message in half the time.  Well recognizing this, Basic Invite uses an Address Capturing Service that allows you to share a link on social media or via text to gather addresses.  Their addresses will be captured in your account for use multiple times.

Not so Basic, Basic Invite

Other highlights include variety of colors of envelopes (how fun), unlimited colors for designing invites and foil designs as well.  Finally, you can customize Thank You Cards for various moments, following a wedding, graduation gifts or just standard thank you cards to be used when needed.

The Samples

So, I ordered five samples to test out for you guys!  Many of us connect invites to weddings and babies.   Since I have none of those things on the horizon (lol) I looked for other items that are worthy of a beautiful invite. Guess what, there are tons! For my samples I picked up a Thank You Card, New Years Party Invite, Moving Announcement, Surprise Birthday and a Fundraising Gala.

Not so Basic, Basic Invite-6

A few things stood out to me with my samples.  One of the variety of designs for all of those categories.   I had a hard time picking just one.   Also, the bold colors of each invite.  That makes it fun and ensures that will stand out in a pile of mail.  The other nice touch is the texture on invites like the gala invite.  They all came on a heavy card stock and had good quality printing.

The Takeaway

Ironically, I received a save the date for a friends wedding in the mail with my Basic Invites samples.  It further solidified my love a traditional invite!  Be sure to use the coupon code 15FF51 for 15% off.

Now I am off to get something going worthy of sending some invites for :).