If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I have been at tons of events lately.  So now, I spend the time catching up on blogging so I can share all of the fun with you guys! First up, I am recapping my brunch at local pizza spot, Cane Rosso!

Location and Setup

Cane Rosso currently has two locations in Houston and a few in Dallas.  Hoping to enjoy the patio weather, I picked the Montrose location right off of Richmond which has a large patio out front.  Well of course it rained cats and dogs before I arrived and despite a valiant effort by the staff to dry off the tables, we opted for a seat inside.

Brunch at Cane Rosso - 4

Inside is pretty casual with small wooden tables and mismatched chairs.  There is also a bar which gives you great views of the pizza ovens.  We grabbed a table near the back allowing me to people watch, a necessary element to any good brunch!  Oh and my favorite thing about the restaurant? The beautiful black and white curtains, random I know.

The Food

Brunch at Cane Rosso -2

The Smokehouse Pizza

The brunch menu includes typical brunch fare like waffles, but I was drawn to the pizza!  I like to stick with what a restaurant is known for when I visit.   If you want a good mix of both though, opt for their breakfast taco pizza.   For my entree, I ordered the Smokehouse pizza.  This Neapolitan pizza features honey bbq sauce, brisket with house made mozzarella.   Stepping outside of the brunch box has its rewards because this pizza is amazing! The pizzas cook in less than 2 minutes.  Since they come out so fast, they make a great pizza delivery spot.  I saw several people grab pizzas to go while I ate.

My sister decided to be different and ordered the chicken and waffles.  This is a dish we see on pretty much every brunch menu now and in effort to be different Cane Rosso took it up a notch. The waffles are “cereal waffles” featuring fruity pebbles, a bacon marmalade, and a habanero maple syrup.  There is a bit going on here.  My sister said she enjoyed aspects of it, but would probably opt for a simpler version next go around like the waffles by themselves.   She did however love my pizza and we both agreed that Cane Rosso will be added to the pizza joint rotation!

Oh also, on the drink front! They sell $1 mimosas for brunch.  I opted for prosecco with orange juice. While it was not a buck, it was priced fairly and pretty good.

Brunch at Cane Rosso -3

The Takeaway

The brunch crowd rolled in towards the end of our visit, but it was still pretty chill which sometimes is just what you need to close out a fun weekend.  Cane Rosso is offering some of the best prices for mimosas, unique brunch offerings and of course great pizza!