Last weekend I finally scheduled a brunch using the Houston Restaurant Weeks menus!  During the month of August, many local restaurants offer a $20 tasting brunch menu for the Houston Restaurant Weeks initiative.  Best of all a portion of the proceeds to go to the Houston Food Bank! With this in mind, I gathered some of my favorite bloggers for Brunch at Poitin!

Why We Met

Brunch at Poitin-8

Photographed here -Angelle from Brunchin with Gelle, Kenya from SuperK Eatz Htown, Bridgette from Bits n Bites, Mila from the Hangry Woman, Renia from Gristle and Gossip, MEEEE, Jasmene from Fashionably late Foodie, Dalida from Brunch and Conversation, and Syretta from Fashion Crazed Foodie!

Albeit a bit premature, I want to share with my readers why I brought together this wonderful group of women.  I have been blogging consistently a little over three years now and have met some amazing people through this process including these beautiful women.  When I consider our core audience, which are black women, I consider a few things about these women.  Black women create culture. slang and trends.  If you have any doubt about their role in this just mention “Beyonce” to a group of women of all backgrounds.  On a smaller level, we are also loyal consumers that drive many industries like hair and beauty.

Considering the power of our audience, I think it is important that we as bloggers are more intentional about creating content that benefits our audience and ensuring that companies do not forget about our audience. With that said, we are working to create a collective and curate events that do just that.  I cannot really frame out our goals just yet, but we are excited to work together and I hope we build things you all will love!

The Location

Brunch at Poitin -1

The view from the front deck of Poitin!

Back to Poitin! The restaurant is located near the Silver Street Studios which is often the location for foodie events.  From the outside the restaurant looks non-assuming, but once you enter you are greeted with a beautiful space with floor to ceiling windows and views of downtown Houston.  The dining room is also large and great for groups.  There is even a room to the right in the back that has a door for more private dining (*adds them to my Houston Birthday Dinner List*).  Outside you will find a pretty large patio which unfortunately was a no go because of the heat.  But check for them come fall because that patio with a perfect downtown view will be all over Instagram.

The Food

Now on to the fun stuff, the food!  When I picked Poitin, I considered the reviews and the fact that they have a man of color serving as a chef! With a group of foodies we pretty much ordered everything on the Houston Restaurant Weeks menu for photos and what not!

Brunch at Poitin-4

The Poptarts!

For the first course, we had a choice of muffins, poptarts (ahhh nostalgia) or southern biscuits.  I went for the biscuits! On the first bite, I found myself unimpressed. They were a bit hard/crunchy on the ends and the flavors did not come through, but the more you ate the better they got.

Brunch at Poitin-3

The biscuits.

On to the main entrees, I settled on fried chicken sandwich for my entree.  The sandwich is served on a pretzel bun and happens to be the chicken thigh rather than your typical fried breast.  I loved everything about this sandwich from the bun to the aioli sauce.  Yum!     I did not care for the fries though which is rare for me!  Way too much rosemary for my liking.  My crew, ever the food critics, had a few other critiques about their items. Some things were served room temp when they would have preferred them to be hot and some eggs needed to cook a few more minutes.  Despite this, I think we all walked away with at least one item that we liked!

Brunch at Poitin-5

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Brunch at Poitin-6

I cannot for the life of me remember what cocktail I had and could not find it on the menu! But, it was good! We were all pretty satisfied with our cocktails!

The Takeaway

Two key takeaways from this post. First, be on the lookout for what this group of amazing bloggers cooks up! Second, Houston Restaurant Weeks only has about a week left so hurry up and get your $20 brunch on and consider Poitin!