This location is now closed.  Please visit the other Fielding’s Locations in the Woodlands area! 


It should be no surprise to anyone reading this that I will travel for a good brunch.   A few weekends ago I hit up Fielding’s Rooster way out in the Woodlands with members of Zipkick Houston.  It was a bit of a drive, but within minutes of the tasting I decided it was totally worth it!  While I was there for a brunch, we got to try a variety of items on the menu! Peep the details below for all of the fun.

The Setup

Fielding’s Rooster is inside a small strip mall, pretty deep down on Research Forest Drive.  It’s about 10 minutes away from the highway for my fellow inner loop dwellers.  That restaurant has a nice sized covered patio outside.  Once inside, there is a large wood grill to the right that I believe cooks their signature chicken in-house.  To the left there is a bar which probably takes up about 1/3 of the space.  For the most part it is a pretty casual space fitting with the neighborhood restaurant appeal.

They also have an iPad section for the kiddos to play games during their visit.  Now, I know we like to say that kids cannot go an hour without some electronic device, but it honestly reminded me of my childhood.   When I was a kid, we would hang out in the arcade at restaurants like Fuddrucker’s after eating dinner.  That was one of the highlights of our visits there.  So in short, the “iPad Bar” really is just a modern day arcade.

The Drinks

Fielding's Rooster-4

Mimosa Flight!

In many ways I would label Fielding’s Rooster a neighborhood restaurant that appeals to people who live nearby.  One element though that stood out to me about Fielding’s were their drink offerings.  This is a step above most neighborhood restaurants in my opinion.  So lets start with the flights! For brunch, Fielding’s Rooster has a mimosa flight featuring the Rising Rooster, Sparkling Frozen Screw , Snowy Mango Peach Bellini and a Pamplemousse.  Please note that these mimosas aren’t your simple champagne and orange juice.  Many feature Deep Eddy flavored vodka, grand mariner and prosecco.  Drink with caution!

Fielding's Rooster-11

Bloody Mary Flight

Fielding's Rooster-8

Moscow Mules

Besides the mimosa flight, there is also a Bloody Mary flight and a flight of Moscow Mules.  For the indecisive person this is a win of course.  The other highlight is most places offer just one version of these classic drinks, yet Fielding’s Rooster goes above and beyond creating several versions.  We also sampled several of cocktails on the dinner menu.  These were equally good and creative!

Fielding's Rooster-17

The Mean Mango, Orange V&T and Crazy Rooster cocktails.

The Food

As the name implies, Fielding’s Rooster focuses on chicken.  I sadly had to dip out a little early before the chicken courses, but the what I did try impressed me enough to go ahead and blog about it! From the shareables portion of the lunch + dinner menu, we tried the biscuit hushpuppies, chicken liver mousse and wings.  We also dined on a few of the sides including brussel sprouts, spicy mac + cheese and several of  salads.  My favorite items of this round were the biscuit hushpuppies and the wings.

Fielding's Rooster-6

Biscuit hushpuppies


Next we grabbed a few items from the brunch menus including a Toast Lemon Poundcake, the Cazuela, Dutch Pancake, French Toast Stack.  On the brunch side, there really were no misses.  The poundcake is a unique play on an item most of grew up eating.  The Dutch Pancake is essentially a play on a Dutch Baby.  It is super sweet and delicious.  For the french toast, Fielding’s sticks to a fairly traditional version which is a win for me.  Finally, the best item on this menu is easily the Cazuela which means “for two.”  With this dish two guests literally enjoy a feast of chicken kielbasa, bacon, scrambled eggs, salsa and gravy.  If that wasn’t enough, they even throw in a giant buttery biscuit and tortillas!

Fielding's Rooster-14

Cazuela i.e. “for two”

The menu includes so many American classics which are done well.  They make slight changes that elevate the dishes, yet stay true to why we all love them!

The Takeaway

For my readers that are up north, here is a high quality brunch spot in your neck of the woods!  Be sure to support and go easy on those flights especially if you are driving 🙂