This restaurant is sadly now closed 🙁 

I made a rare appearance in suburban Houston just for a food tasting! If you tell me a restaurant focuses on bacon and other pork items?? I am willing to make the drive and let me just tell you Bacon Bros was totally worth it!  Starting in South Carolina, local entrepreneur Travis Cook brought the first out of state imprint to the Houston area!  While it stays true to the original, this farm fresh restaurant also pays homage to local flavors.  For all the details read on about a feast at Bacon Bros!

The Location and Setup

Bacon Bros is located in the Sugar Land Town Center which is anchored by the Sugar Land City Hall.  It puts me in the mind of a new age town square.  I parked at the first “free” garage I found and then walked all around looking for the space.  I think I suck at reading maps!  Once I finally found it, I had met my steps goal for the day.  The lesson here, trust Apple Maps to guide you if you are directionally challenged like myself.

Once inside, I made my way to the private room where our tasting would be hosted.  The space includes a large communal style table which would be perfect for a birthday party or large dinner.  For decor, the restaurant plays on the pork theme so all around you will see paintings featuring pigs.   The chairs and tables fit the new age “Southern” decor that is extremely popular right now.

The Appetizers

Where do I even begin with the feast we enjoyed at Bacon Bros?!  Let’s start with the appetizers shall we?  When I arrived a fresh plate of deviled eggs greeted me! Fitting with the pork theme, the eggs were topped with a beautiful thin slice of ham and pickled mustard seed.

A Feast at Bacon Bros! -11

The Deviled Eggs

Next came the charcuterie platter and it is one for the ages!  Our host, explained that when they can, they make everything in house.  From saltines to pickles and it shows.  For the platter, the cheese is sourced from a local company called Houston Dairymaids while all of the meat is cured in house.  Not really sure of what was in store for the rest of the evening, my group devoured this platter.  SO many good elements including the dijon, honey comb, olives and pickles.  We also received some homemade biscuits and bread to enjoy with the appetizers.  Those biscuits were so buttery and soft.

A Feast at Bacon Bros! -2

A Feast at Bacon Bros! -3

Charcuterie Platter

A Feast at Bacon Bros! -16


I could have happily gone home at that point, but we were just getting started.  Up next came pimento cheese served with homemade saltines and bacon jam.  Very fitting with the Southern theme.   They also brought out the potater tots.  These are not Napoleon Dynamite’s tater tots y’all! The tots include pork shoulder, sorghum vinegar and topped with fried pig ears.  Yes, that’s a lot going on, but trust me it works.  I really enjoyed this dish.

A Feast at Bacon Bros! -8

Potater Tots

A Feast at Bacon Bros! -15

Pimento Cheese

The Entrees

I thought we were done after that round of amazing appetizers.  But no, there was more!  For their next trick they brought out THE Barbecue Platter.   The platter is basically a barbecue tour from around the country highlighting, Texas, the Carolinas and St. Louis.   Okay so they lost a few points from for picking STL over KC barbecue, but it is barbecue so I was still excited!

A Feast at Bacon Bros! -1

The platter

So let’s break down this platter.  My eyes went straight to the Texas style brisket which of course includes a great rub with a nice fatty portion.  This brisket was so tender and the rub provided SO much flavor.  There was also chicken sausage, ribs, Texas toast, pulled pork and a giant Turkey leg!  This platter probably could feed a family of 6 with leftovers.  So much good stuff.

For the sides, we enjoyed collard greens, cole slaw and a arugula salad.  Again, I was STUFFED y’all so I only nibbled on the sides.

A Feast at Bacon Bros! -9

Greens like yo big mama used to make.


A Feast at Bacon Bros! -13

Banana Pudding!

I can never say no to desserts, so here I sat grateful I threw on my stretchy leggings for the occasion.  Our dessert trio included a banana pudding, pecan pie and sweet potato pie.   The team also brought out a couple of scoops of ice cream.  So let me take a moment to rain down praises for the inclusion of SWEET POTATO PIE over pumpkin pie!  I looked around like is a black woman working in that kitchen?? Because typically African Americans opt for Sweet Potato pie in the fall while everyone else goes gaga over pumpkin!   The owner Travis told me that he too appreciates sweet potato over pumpkin.  In that moment I knew I was at home! Let me tell you that pie was good too.  A deep dish sweet potato with just enough cinnamon and nutmeg.  I inhaled that thing!

A Feast at Bacon Bros! -10


A Feast at Bacon Bros! -7

The ice cream!

The Takeaway

So as you can see I was pretty impressed by Bacon Bros! Also, do not be fooled by the name, the menu includes so much more than just bacon, but it is definitley heavy on the pork.  The owner did mention he hopes to expand into Houston as well until then, we will just have to make the drive out to Sugar Land!

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