As you can imagine, I stay busy between my job, this blog and then what little bit of social life I have.  For that reason, prepared meal companies are my jam!  I recently was provided an opportunity to try local company, My IceBox and I am excited to share with you all my experience. Keep reading for all the tea on my Ice Box’s chef prepared meals!

The Process

My IceBox Chef Prepared Meals


For my busy readers, gather ’round!  This is definitely for you!  Here is how it works.  On Monday, you place your order online and the menu changes weekly.  By Wednesday you have an Icebox, literally and figuratively right at your door.  The food is packaged with ice packs in case you cannot get to it right away.  Some of the dishes are also vacuum sealed to ensure freshness.

They also promise that every dish has two servings.  I found that most of them had more than two servings.   Just eating what I wanted, I was able to get three servings out of most of the dishes so keep that in mind.

The Food

For my first order, my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I ordered quite a bit of food.  First off, the meat lasagna called my name so I grabbed one of those.  Then I just had to have the herb parmesan crusted salmon.  Once I added the salmon that meant I needed sides so I grabbed brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes.  A lot, I know!

My IceBox Chef Prepared Meals-1

Meat lasagna!

The heating instructions varied for each item.   First up I tried the lasagna which just needed to be baked for about 30 minutes in the metal container it arrived in. So here is the thing about the lasagna, it did not have a red pasta sauce with like I am used to.  It literally was just pasta, cheese and a meat.  The flavors were there, I was just the contrast the sauce brings.  SO I added my own and it was great.

My IceBox Chef Prepared Meals-4

My sprouts.

My IceBox Chef Prepared Meals-5

They kinda look like ice cream here but I promise it is mashed potatoes!

My IceBox Chef Prepared Meals-2

My searing attempt

Over the weekend, I tried the sides and salmon.  So the salmon cooking process was a little more detailed than I expected.  I had to sear it first (I set off my smoke alarm), then place it in the oven.  I thought the salmon was just okay, but this honestly could be because I’m not great at searing as evinced by the smoke alarm situation. The sprouts also went in the oven while the mashed potatoes were microwaveable.  I loved the sides!  I found the potatoes to be super creamy even after being microwaved.  The sprouts included a nice balsamic vinegar that was PERFECT.

The Takeaway

The gist here folks is this, if you are looking for a convenient way to cook some pretty amazing dishes at home My Icebox is for you!  For those eager to try it out, use the code “hfbclove” for $20 off of your first order!  Best of all, they are even offering up Thanksgiving dishes so check it out!