So when I travel there are a few musts for me when it comes to food.  First, I want to stick to locally owned spots that reflect the local cuisine and culture.  Next, I gotssss to find a brunch spot.  The reason there is obvious!  Beyond that though, I also really like supporting black owned businesses!  While thinking about these three things, I decided to put together a list of black owned brunch spots around the country!  I reached out to my vast blogger circle and friends for their advice and posts so that we can spread some love via Black Owned Brunchin’!


Atlanta Breakfast Club –  Offering traditional brunch fare, this seems like a great place to go when you want your fill of good ole waffles, pancakes and french toast.  This spot is on the Atlanta Black Restaurant Week list, so seems like it is a fine time to go!

Spice House Cascade –  If you are looking for Caribbean flavors in Atlanta, Spice House is probably where you should start! Spice house is also included on the Atlanta Black Restaurant Week list.

Sweet Auburn Seafood – Recommended by Atlanta based blogger Forkcetious, Sweet Auburn Seafood has a set brunch menu which includes a lot of great seafood editions!

Negril Village – Another recommendation from Forkcetious, a Caribbean restaurant that provides brunch goers a sophisticated spot to dine on dishes like jerk chicken n’ waffles.


Hoover’s Cooking – This spot does not have a dedicated brunch menu, just breakfast.  So you will have to brunch a bit early, but I hear the food is worth it!  (Update: A blogger friend Brandi’s Foodie Diary visited Hoover’s Cooking recently and loved it.  Check out her thoughts here)


Yo Mama’s Restaurant – This name alone is a win for me! Yo Mama’s Restaurant serves up a brunch menu on the second and last Saturday each month.  The menu includes favorites like chicken and waffles, pancakes and french toast.


Darryl’s Corner Bar – My sister who lives in the Boston area actually recommended this one and from the website it is a great pick! This spot offers a jazz brunch buffet plus live entertainment.

Black Owned Brunchin'-Mochas and mimosas

Cafe Mila –  Mochas and Mimosas, Dallas based blogger described Cafe Mila as a casual coffee shop offering brunch dishes and a great environment to get some work done! The owner is from Trinidad so I am sure you will see elements of that throughout the menu. (Photo above courtesy of Mochas and Mimosas)


Black Owned Brunchin' -Batter and Berries

Batter and Berries – The owners of Batter and Berries go above and beyond with the french toast flavors! They are so good, you really don’t even need syrup!  This restaurant is popular so be sure to arrive early.

Chicago Chicken and Waffles – I seem to go here every time I am in Chicago and still love it!  Of course they are serving up chicken and waffles, but you can also grab some soul food dishes like mac ‘n cheese, fried chicken and catfish.

Sweet Maple Cafe– I have not stopped by Sweet Maple Cafe yet, but a good friend from Chicago said it is one of her favorites!


2018 Favorite Houston Brunches

Lucille’s – is black owned and operated and still remains one of my favorites! It’s top of my list when I have visitors in town and I make sure we enjoy the croissant french toast with fried chicken.

The Breakfast Klub–  A Houston staple that truly deserves the praise.  Yes there will be a line, yes you will wait in it and yes it will all be worth it in the end!  If you can, an early weekday is your best bet.  Be sure to order the wings and waffles!

Black Owned Brunchin' - Breakfast Klub

Breakfast Klub Wings and Waffles!

Phil and Derek’s– Since moving to their Midtown location, Phil & Derek’s has quickly become a popular spot for a good brunch buffet!  Guests enjoy a buffet filled with cheese grits, fried chicken, waffles and roasted potatoes.

Breakfast Brunch Cafe– Located in Cypress, Breakfast Brunch Cafe is bringing all the best brunch dishes to suburbanites!

Breakfast Brunch Cafe-Beignets

French Beignets with Salted Caramel

Etta’s– While the spot Etta pops up for brunch is not black owned, the chef throwing down in that kitchen is so I would be remiss if I did not include her!  Etta’s own brick and mortar is located in the heart of third ward and she pops up at restaurants/bars in the area.

Taste Bar & Kitchen – Brand new spot as of March 2019, Taste Bar & Kitchen features an all day brunch with signature waffles and fried chicken.  Located in Houston’s Midtown area, their patio serves as a great meet up spot for Sunday Funday.

Taste Kitchen & Bar-3

Red Velvet Waffles and Fried Chicken from Taste Bar & Kitchen

Kansas City

Black Owned Brunchin' Peach Tree

Their buffet is heavy on the soul food yes, but you can order typical brunch foods like waffles!

Peachtree Buffet – The soul food staple has been an after church spot in Kansas City for as long as I can remember.  To keep up with the brunch crowd, they added chicken and waffles to their Sunday buffet.  On my last visit, my cousins and I devoured those waffles! So good!

Los Angeles

Brunchin' Black Owned- Roscoe's

Your standard tourist picture at Roscoe’s! It’s a must.

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles– A must go for LA tourists! A local told me that I needed to go to the “location Obama and ’em went to” to get the best chicken so keep that in mind!

My Two Cents– Way too many websites rained praise on My Two Cents for me not include it on the list.  I have not brunched here yet, but one look at this website and I know it is a “must go” during my next stop to Los Angeles.


Yes, y’all Montana has black people (some of my family used to live there)!  The Sassy Biscuit is a “Bruncherie” located in Billings, Montana.

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

Jackson’s Soul Food– A good friend of mine from Miami swears by this soul food spot in Miami! They do not have a dedicated brunch menu, but their breakfast menu has all of the typical brunch faves.

Spoons Grill– The same friend pointed to Spoon’s Grill in Ft. Lauderdale for brunch as well.  Like Jackson’s they do not have a specific brunch menu, but when you serve breakfast fall day you are guaranteed to draw the brunch crowd.

North Carolina

I know North Carolina is NOT a city, but it was easier to group all of the locations here together.  Also of note, the state of North Carolina has a nice number of black owned brunch locations!

True Flavors Diner– Durham, North Carolina –  When I put out the call for more locations and restaurants, several people mentioned True Flavors!  Just a glance at their website and you can see why. A higher end diner, True Flavors is serving up a yummy brunch menu on the weekends and breakfast during the week.

Black Owned Brunchin'-My Forking Life

Dame’s Chicken and Waffles. Photo Courtesy of My Forking Life.

Dame’s Chicken and Waffles– Located in Durham, Cary AND Greensboro! Not surprisingly, waffles are the centerpiece of their menu.  Their menu goes beyond your standard waffle with flavors like gingerbread and sweet potato, both of which are some of my faves! Need more confirmation that you should stop by? Check out my blogger friend My Forking Life’s review of Dame’s!

New Orleans

Li’l Dizzy’s Cafe – Before creating this post, I had never heard of Li’l Dizzy’s.  There are SO many good restaurants in New Orleans that it is hard to keep a handle on all of them.  Li’l Dizzy’s has a full on brunch menu to draw the brunch crowd. I will definitely be stopping by to enjoy their authentic creole soul food on my next visit.

The Munch Factory–  A friend recommended this restaurant in New Orleans and I must say the online reviews back it up! Brunch here is only offered on Sunday and includes grits, oysters and a breakfast burger!

New York City

BLVD Bistro in Harlem – Review provided by New York based blogger Feed Me Seymore  check out her thoughts here!

Brunchin' Black Owned-Feed Me Seymore

Fried Catfish, cheesy grits AND a biscuit! Photo Courtesy of Feed Me Seymore. 

Bunna Cafe in Brooklyn – Review provided by Dallas based blogger Brandi’s Food Diary.  Brandi dined on vegan dishes here!  Make sure you check out her review.

Brunchin' Black Owned-Brandis food diary

The Habesha Breakfast

Brooklyn Beso– Recommended by Houston based blogger Dash of Jazz, this Brooklyn based spot offers brunch with some Latin flavor!

Peaches– Also in Brooklyn and also recommended by Dash of Jazz, Peaches aims to bring contemporary Southern cuisine to the North.

Melba’s – A friend and NYC based blogger recommended this popular soul food spot. Brunch is offered on Saturday and Sundays! The owner Melba also has a cookbook sharing some of the items from her recipe!

The Edge Restaurant–  Recommended by New York based blogger Our Perfect Palette, the Edge is a Jamaican British restaurant in Harlem.  The Edge offers their brunch menu every day!

Brunchin' Black Owned- New York

Ackee & cod fish fritters from the Edge. Photo courtesy of Our Perfect Palette.

SoCo – This Brooklyn restaurant receives high marks from my blogger friend Dom N’ The City.  The SoCo menu features good brunch staples like omelettes, grits and french toast.  Their bottomless specials and djs on Saturday probably make for a fun brunch spot.

Black Owned Brunchin'-40

Cove Lounge- Photo Courtesy of Dom N’ The City

Cove Lounge– Another recommendation from Dom N’ The City, Cove Lounge makes it home in Harlem.  It is a sophisticated space offering a full Sunday brunch.


Chef Eddie’s – Located in downtown Orlando, Chef Eddie’s menu includes a variety of chicken and waffles! The pictures alone make me want to head back to Orlando as soon as possible.


Rose Petals Cafe & Lounge – This Philly spot serves breakfast, brunch and lunch.  While waffles seem to be their menu staple, they stepped it up a notch with savory waffles as well!

San Francisco

Auntie April’s – I love the idea at eating at my auntie’s house so whenever I make it to San Francisco I will DEFINITELY be stopping by Auntie April’s for some good ole chicken and waffles.

St. Louis

Turn–  I am waiting on my college/law school friends to visit and give me all the details on Turn, St. Louis’ new brunch spot.  So far,  my friends have heard good things and based on these pictures it looks like it is a pretty good option!

Washington DC

Ben’s Next Door– Brought to you by the owners of Ben’s Chili Bowl, Ben’s Next Door is a tad fancier than their neighbor.  Next door you will enjoy a sit down restaurant with dishes that are a step up from the staple half smokes at Ben’s.   Saturday through Monday they offer brunch with typical brunch dishes like french toast and waffles.  Best of all, eating at Ben’s Next Door puts your right in the heart of a historic black neighborhood in D.C. and not too far from Howard U!

The Takeaway

Compiling this list was harder than I thought it would be! As you can see Houston has plenty of black owned brunch options, so I figured other large cities would have similar restaurants.  This makes me circle back to how important it is to support small businesses, minority owned businesses and women owned businesses! They need our coins and patronage to survive.  As I travel and discover more black owned brunch spots I will of course add to this list.  If you know of a great place that is not featured, send me an email at or comment below!