So after slaying at the Brunch and Slay event, I hightailed it across town for another great event!  A blogger friend of mine wears many hats.  Karissa works full time, manages to run a pretty awesome travel blog and still finds time to have a non-profit Whys Girls!  Last Saturday I attended the Whys Girls Cupcake Wars Fundraiser, an event that showcased 12 cupcake bakers plus went to a good cause!

More about Whys Girls

Whys Girls aims to equip local Houston girls with knowledge and wisdom so that they may succeed beyond the classroom.  How do you do that you ask? Through a series of events that prepares the participants from the world beyond high school and college!  Here are a few of the highlights for 2017.  Why Girls hosted a vision board party, a teen centered time management workshop, a money management seminar, a screening of Hidden Figures coupled with a panel of female leaders in the tech field.  Those are just the events that happened earlier this year! For the rest of 2017, organizers are planning a conference, college tours and community service project.

I read those programs and thought to myself two things.   Number one, I am well into my thirties and could use some of those programs for myself!  So I imagine this is super valuable to learn at a young age.  The second is this, Why Girls is doing the work that so many of us talk about!  Mentoring, teaching and preparing young girls to win at life! For that reason, they deserve our support! You can support through their website and of course keep your eye out for future fundraisers.

The Cupcakes!

For the cupcake part, I shall keep this post pretty simple.  All of the bakers were gracious enough to donate their cupcakes for the cause and one lucky winner walked home with a $100 prize.   For us attendees, we were treated to TWELVE cupcakes and selected our favorites.  I jumped right in because you know it was a good cause and all, LOL!

Cupcake Wars- My Dainty Cakes

The strawberry cheesecake from My Dainty Cakes!

When I tell you that everyone had a great cupcake, I am not exaggerating.  I had a hard time picking a winner!  In the end, I went for the strawberry cheesecake cupcake from My Dainty Cakes.  It was the last cake I tried and was SO good.  I included everyone’s Instagram names on their pictures so be sure to show them some love!

Cupcake Wars-Thebutterstickbakery

A Key Lime Pie cupcake from the Butterstick Bakery.

Cupcake Wars- Sw33t indulgence

A classic oreo cupcake from Sw33t Indulgence! It’s one of my favorites.

Cupcake Wars-Delectable_Temptations

The coconut temptation from Delectable Temptations!

Cupcake Wars- TicklemeSweet

Tickle Me Sweet combined an oreo and red velvet flavor for this cupcake. This combo totally works well.

Cupcake Wars-CrisysCupcakes

Crisy’s Cupcakes were the winner for the day with this beautiful tres leches cupcake

Cupcake Wars- Cup of Cake LLC

The bacon cupcake from Cup of Cake LLC!

Cupcake Wars- BlakUnikorn

A love a good plain ole vanilla cupcake! This one from Blak Unikorn was perfection!


Cupcake Wars- Sweets By Regina

Check out this chocolate beauty from Sweets by Regina!

Cupcake Wars- Haute Caketure

This was probably the most detailed cake of the day. How cute is this from Haute Caketure?

If you made it down here, thanks for scrolling all the way through! I wanted to make sure I showed some love to all of the bakers who were present!  They supported a great cause and deserve some love.  Plus, these cupcakes were ALL good!

The Takeaway

It always feels great to support worthy causes via food!  I had a great time at the Why Girls Cupcake Wars Fundraiser!  I hope it becomes an annual event, so I can support next year!