I am back with another review of a Houston spot!   Before heading to New Orleans for Essence Fest, a group of my Houston Food Blogger Collective friends and I headed to the Caddy Shack on Washington to enjoy a media tasting of their menu items.  Here are the highlights!

Setup and Location


You have probably passed the Caddy Shack before and may not have noticed it.  The Caddy Shack is located right in the thick of things on Washington across from B&B Butchers.  It’s a smaller non assuming building, with the name Caddy Shack emblazoned on the front of the building.  After this post and food pictures, you will definitely remember it!  Caddy Shack has a rather large patio area and a suitable indoor dining area.  Don’t be dissuaded by the name, no it is NOT shack like.  It’s just a bit small on the inside, but the patio area provides additional space.

The Drinks

During my visit, the Caddy Shack had yet to receive their liquor license, but we were assured it was coming soon.  To quench our thirst the friendly staff provided us with strawberry lemonade and a flavored tea.   I really hope they keep this lemonade on the menu because it tasted like someone spent all day squeezing lemons by hand and chopping up strawberries just for this drink! It was so good.

The Food

Soon after that the food started rolling in!  We started out with the jerk tacos and loaded waffle fries.   For the jerk chicken tacos, there is plenty of spice there hence the name, but it is also loaded with flavor from salsa and other toppings.  I liked them, I really did.  I just had to guzzle some lemonade down after eating them!  For the fries, I expected something I had tried before.  I mean how can you make waffle fries different?  Here, they top them with chicken which out the gate makes it a heartier appetizer.  There is cheese which is standard, but my favorite part?  The ranch sauce!  That gave the fries a little something extra that make them the perfect appetizer.

The Caddy Shack-Loaded Fries

The Loaded Waffle Fries

The Caddy Shack- Jerk Tacos

The jerk tacos! Have some water ready if you can’t take the heat like me.

We kept rolling from there into their signature dish, a stuffed turkey leg!  This turkey leg isn’t like the one you pick up at the Rodeo.  In fact, it tastes more like corn beef to me than a turkey leg from a fare.  Then you add that it is stuffed with dirty rice and topped with shrimp?! To die for!  Okay, so you may think this is doing too much.  It’s a lot of things that typically standalone in one dish.  Some kind of way it works though!  We also tried the shrimp po boys and loaded baked potatoes.  The potato is loaded with similar things as the turkey leg and it works well too. For the shrimp po’ boy, the shrimp is seasoned, it’s dressed well and the bread is good.  That’s basically all you can ask for right?

The Caddy Shack-Shrimp Po'Boy

Shrimp Po’Boy!

The Caddy Shack-Loaded Turkey Leg

So look, a stuffed turkey leg is not that easy to photograph. Trust me, my picture did not do it justice!

The Caddy Shack-Loaded Baked Potato

The loaded potato

The Dessert!


Video Credit goes to my friend Jasmene over at IG: The Leo Chronicles! Be sure to follow her.

Make no mistakes, I tried everything at this tasting! Once it was time for dessert, I was sure I could not try anything else.  Until they rolled this beautiful brownie sundae in front of me.  It is really hard to wow people with desserts that we have all had before like a brownie sundae, but somehow they did it!  The brownie was not the dry boring brownie you expect in a sundae.  No, here the moist chocolatey brownie can stand alone.  As with everything else here, they took it a step further and added a scoop of ice cream.  This dessert is divine.  I would come back just for this, I kid you not!

The Takeaway

I felt like a glutton when I skipped up out of there!  Lord forgive me because I will be back.  I expect this to be a popular spot at the start of football season as well.  The food is priced well and will leave you feeling satisfied.  That’s all you can ask for!


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