I spent last weekend running errands related to my upcoming Brunchin’ with Black Girls Who Brunch event! I seriously cannot wait and find a way to bring it up in just about any conversation.  Anywho, with any food blogger you run a few errands and you are quickly plotting on a food stop as well.  Biskit Junkie happened to be in the vicinity and since I’d never been, I quickly decided it was a good idea.  Keeping reading for all of the details of my experience!

The SetupIMG_1959

So I am going to keep it real here about my experience with the setup.  This is not my typical positive retelling, but I wouldn’t be me if I did not keep it real!  First off, Biskit Junkie has a great location right on Westheimer near Montrose.  As with many businesses in this area, their parking is limited and guests will have to utilize street parking which there is plenty of.  I would just advise to read the signs!  I got a parking ticket on that street behind Biskit Junkie while visiting Snooze AM.  WHO knew the City of Houston gave out parking tickets?!

Parking aside, my perception of Biskit Junkie was “fast casual. ” I expected a spot where I could grab some good quality biscuits and carry on with my day.  When I walked in, I found just that with an iPad ordering system.  This fit well with my assumptions!  iPad ordering systems generally mean a faster kitchen and a simpler menu because there is less human interaction.

I ordered and grabbed a bar stool in the corner to wait for my food and people watch.  While it was a Saturday it was not totally packed.  Most of the guests were there with young kids so I assume the menu is kid friendly.   After awhile I realized that large groups of 10-12 people had received their food.  Here I sat, by my lonesome with no food!  So now I am hangry!  Signs promised a 8-10 minute wait time for food, but now 30 minutes in I still had no food!!  I checked in with the small staff and they promised my food was coming up next. 10 minutes later, I finally got it.

I believe the delays I experienced are a result of the detailed menu at Biskit Junkie. Fast casuals generally have simple menus with only a few options to get you in and out.  Biskit Junkie has WAY more than just biscuits.   That little kitchen had a lot going on.   Anywho, this rant was just a long way of me saying come prepared to stay awhile!

The Food

After waiting for what felt like an eternity for my food, I was prepared to eat and never blog about it.   You see I stick to only sharing places that I really enjoyed.  Waiting that long for my food means the food needs to be ON POINT for it to overcome this negative first impression! Well since you are here and this blog post exists you already know the answer to that question.  The food was excellent!

Bacon and Cheese Biscuit- Biskit Junkie

The Bacon and Cheese Biscuit!

Looking for variety I ordered two “biscuits.”  The first was a simple bacon biscuit with a slice of American cheese added.  My idea was to emulate the McDonald’s biscuit that I loved as a kid.  Go ahead and admit it, you loved it too!  Next I ordered a fried chicken biscuit, but subbed the biscuit for a brioche bun.  I thought the brioche bun would be like a slider.   So turns out that brioche bun was actually a full bun. Lesson learned.

Biskit Junkie-Fried Chicken

The Fried Chicken biscuit on a brioche bun.

As for the biscuit though? Bomb! It is everything I come to expect from a good breakfast sandwich.  Soft, buttery and crumbles as you tear into it!  The bacon included wasn’t half bad either.   The one little biscuit was actually pretty filling so I packed that huge brioche bun dish up to go.  I ate it hours later and it was still good!  The chicken is crispy and seasoned well.  The slight sweetness of the brioche bun also adds a great flavor.

The Takeaway

Look the food is obviously good or I would not be writing this!  In the future, I will come prepared to wait or order from Uber Eats!

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