Yes, you read that right, Breakfast Brunch Cafe IN “Cypress.”  I actually ventured past the loop to try a brunch/breakfast spot out in the suburb.   Of course there is a backstory!  So I grew up in Cypress which is partly why I have a love/hate relationship with it.  My parents still love it and as retirees spend much of their time trying new spots.  A couple of months ago my parents RAVED to me about a new black owned breakfast spot out by them.   “Oh you must try it!” they told me.  My response of course was, I doubt it is that good if it’s in Cypress.  I’m horrible I know.

So I ignored my parents suggestion as a lot of know it all grown children tend to do, to their own peril.  Low and behold, the owners of Breakfast Brunch Cafe reached out to the Houston Food Blogger Collective asking us to step out of our norm and come try their amazing brunch spot in Cypress.   With two suggestions, I decided to just shut up and go.

The Setup

Cypress has been a boom town for about twenty years.  Every time I drive around, the vast fields I remember from my childhood in Cypress are now developed into neighborhoods featuring beautiful mini mansions.   The Towne Lake Boardwalk is the epitome of that.  Anchored by the Towne Lake neighborhood, the boardwalk aims to be the center of the entertainment for the neighborhood.   Sitting on an actual lake with real boats and such, the Towne Lake Boardwalk includes several restaurants and spaces for many more.

Breakfast Brunch Cafe in Cypress- Roasted Pork Benedict-1

Breakfast Brunch Cafe recently moved from a smaller location on Fry Road to this booming spot and do not seem to have missed a beat.  The restaurant has a prime location near the park area.  There is a small patio area immediately outside the front door.  Inside, you see a moderately stocked bar and one dining room area.  On the Saturday I went, there was of course a wait for seating.  My parents tell me that is standard for now.

Breakfast Brunch Cafe in Cypress- 4

The lake!


I love that restaurants are branching out beyond plain ole orange juice and champagne.  I joined my fellow bloggers who were already enjoying a carafe of strawberry mimosas which were sweeter than I expected.  The menu also includes several other brunch based cocktails.

Breakfast Brunch Cafe- Mimosa

The mimosas! They were already an hour in when I arrived.


There were SO many options on this menu that we all spent several minutes debating what to get.  In true food blogger fashion, we each ordered something different to ensure we had a variety.  Before ordering our entrees though, we feasted on their signature dish, French beignets coupled with a salted caramel sauce.

Breakfast Brunch Cafe-Beignets

French Beignets with Salted Caramel

I went for the bananas fosters french toast with thick cut bacon!  When the dish was presented to me I was honestly skeptical because it included fresh bananas which I did not expect.   Then I cut into it and immediately saw that the bananas foster flavor was present through the syrup.   I moved on to the bacon which lived up to it’s description as thick cut and delicious!

Breakfast Brunch Cafe in Cypress-French Toast

The Bananas Foster French Toast


So… I was wrong.  Cypress can have good non-franchise restaurants and Breakfast Brunch Cafe is a prime example of it!  If you live in the area be sure to check it out!  For those who live in other parts of town, when you make your treks out to the Cypress outlets, stop here first to load up before shopping.  You will not regret it!