You may have noticed I go to Kansas City, MISSOURI (not Kansas) often.  I was born there, have family there and went to college nearby.   Recently, I spent a few days in KCMO to celebrate my cousin’s birthday.  My trips to KC are usually filled with family dinners and stopping by my favorite KC restaurants like Gates.  I try my best to squeeze in some new spots when I go for the sake of the blog though.   On the off chance that your life ever randomly takes you to Kansas City, I want you to be fully prepared with plenty of food options!  This last trip was short, so I only had time to go to one new spot and it just so happened to be a brunch spot!  Check out my experience brunching in Kansas City at Gram and Dun.


So in Kansas City, the fancy area is the Country Club Plaza, known locally as “the plaza.”  Here you will find shopping, restaurants and beautiful fountains.  It’s one of the spots that I would say every KC tourist should go.  Gram and Dun has a prime spot on a corner near Brush Creek.  Inside you will find a contemporary restaurant with a grey color scheme, cool tattooed hipster staff and an overall inviting environment.

The Drinks

Pineapple mimosa.

Pineapple mimosa.

For the most part brunch is brunch.  Have a chicken and waffle dish because that is all the rage.  Throw in some bottomless mimosas to keep your crowd happy etc.   Everyone does this, so I am always thrilled to find restaurants that have found unique ways to present this trendy meal time.   Gram & Dun did just that with their drink cart!  A bartender comes around during brunch with a fully equipped cart to make table side craft cocktails including mimosas, brunch punch and bloody marys.   There were so many ingredients, so many options.    I was overwhelmed and went for a boring mimosa, with pineapple though!


The Food

Let’s just say I wanted everything on this menu! The menu included many of your standard brunch fare, but a few unique items like burnt end mac and cheese.  I made sure each of my cousins ordered something different, so I could give the people variety.  For me, that being in Kansas City meant I trusted the barbecue option so I picked the mac and cheese.  The mac and cheese on it’s own would not have wowed me, but when I dug to the bottom and discovered those tasty burnt ends?  I was immediately won over!  Since I am greedy, I also ordered the large cinnamon roll.  Again, delicious.

Under all of that mac and cheese was delicious barbecue!

Under all of that mac and cheese was delicious barbecue!

The Takeaway

This was one of the best brunches I have had in awhile.  I’m sad I cannot go more often!  For the three people (who are all related to me) who live in Kansas City and subscribe to this blog, add this to your “must go” list.  The rest of us should just demand a brunch cocktail cart here in Houston or plan a random food trip to Kansas City. Both seem reasonable!  Also, shout out to my cousin Troy for suggesting Gram and Dun!  We all thoroughly enjoyed it.