This St. Patrick’s day weekend I decided to hop in a time machine and go back to being twenty-one. You know the period of your life where calories do not count, bedtimes do not exist and hangovers are what older folks complain about. Who did I think I was?! At the very least I have fun stories to share with you. Since Friday marked St. Patrick’s day and I decided I was twenty-one again, that meant I had to hit the streets!  After a crazy fun night in midtown, I woke up to do it all over again with the Crawl for the Culture, a pub crawl through third ward.  I ask again, who did I think I was?! 


So here is the background on the pub crawl. A group of entrepreneurial young black men decided to highlight black owned & patronized businesses over St. Patrick’s day weekend. They selected a pub crawl through third ward to do just that where attendees would walk to four locations, drink and have a merry ole time!  For about $30 (depending on when you purchased), attendees received a souvenir shirt and shot glass, a drink or shot at each location and admission to a day party at the last location.  Late attendees were offered free “tag along options” enabling them to join the fun and pay as they went.  My friend fellow blogger, Jazzmine shared the event with me and since I love to highlight black businesses, this seemed like the perfect opportunity! 

Fair warning, this post is long! I wanted to ensure that I adequately recapped all of the places we visited!

First Stop: Scrappy Brown’s

Crawl for the Culture-1

Drink numero uno.

On the day of we planned to meet right at the start to coat our stomaches with some good food from Scrappy Brown’s, the sister restaurant to my personal fave Lucille’s. Once we registered we grubbed on some hot wings, sipped mimosas and people watched as the crowd trickled through.  As I expected, most of the group were mid twenties.  Hence why I had to hop in my time machine to keep up!!! 

Crawl for the Culture-2

Some hot wings to start out the day.

Scrappy Brown’s plays on the changing landscape of the neighborhood with drinks named gentrification. They also play homage to black staples with oxtail dishes.  You ain’t getting oxtail loaded french fries in River Oaks people! During peak spring & summer months Scrappy’s quickly fills up with people seeking Sunday Funday spots in places where folks look like them.  Thus, this was the perfect spot to start off the pub crawl. 

Crawl for the Culture-3

Pancakes and wings!

Crawl for the Culture-5

First round!!!

Second Stop: 5015

Crawl for the Culture-6

5015, stop number two!

Just as the party got started it was time to head to the next spot MY personal fave 5015. The small bar lounge, smartly uses it’s address as its moniker making it easy to remember and find.  A few years back when I frequented 5015 it drew a decent sized older crowd. Clever marketing and partnerships have made 5015 THE spot for young black professionals for Sunday brunches. Plus live music throughout the week and a Tuesday steak night keep ppl coming back! 

Crawl for the Culture-7

Look at the menu.

Crawl for the Culture-8

Drink number 3! Deep Eddy’s and Sprite.

Crawl for the Culture-9

The signature shot.

Crawl for the Culture-10

Some more cocktails!

Since my last visit, they expanded the back patio into the parking lot adding much needed space and an additional bar. One of the pluses of 5015 has always been their wrap around patio in the front that is packed to the hilt during good weather.  Additional outdoor space is welcome in this location! 

Crawl for the Culture-11

The back patio.

 5015 probably had the best setup for the pub crawl. They created a specialized menu for us which included a leprechaun shot created just for the occasion.  Here, I went back to 30 year old Erika and posted up on the patio.  The real 25 year olds had a grand time taking body shots, dancing and enjoying each other’s company. These are the things pub crawls are made of. 

Third Stop Sapphire Bar & Lounge

Crawl for the Culture-14

Loved this photo of my friend Jasmene! Check out her IG: The Leo Chronicles

Next we walked across 288 to stop number three. Yes you read that right.  A few folks opted to drive, but I felt that would defeat the purpose of a pub crawl! After about a half a mile walk we made it Sapphire Lounge. This was the only spot I had never been to or heard of.  I am not going to lie to you… when we walked up I was like hmmmm this is NOT my thing. My other friend said ” my bougie has been activated.”  Let me tell y’all that was THE best location. They invested in a great DJ, who got the crowd together more than anyone.  The music went from Bad & Bougie and Choppa Styles to Bruno Mars. It was like he peeked at my iTunes library when he made his selections! 

Crawl for the Culture-17

My KoolAid drankkkk.

For the drinks I had something that can only be described as frozen kool-aid. The way my childhood was setup, kool-aid will always be appreciated! If there was alcohol in the drink I could not taste it though. They also had fish bowls which will always win over a crowd. As we headed out I had to laugh at myself because we really prejudged this spot and ended up enjoying ourselves! 

Final Stop Live Oak

We ducked out before the group to make it to the final location.  At this point, I was shedding my 21 year old mask and needed to ensure that I had a seat at the final location, Live Oak! Like the other locations, our cost of admission included a drink, butttttt this would quickly turn into a day party! Although the term “day party” is silly to me I was here for it. 

As you can imagine, we were STARVING so we grabbed menus to order some food.  Unlike its predecessor Sugar Hill, Live Oak features a full menu and more of a lounge like setup.  *Rests fingers on temples* can I just say I REALLY want to like the Live Oak revamp food and all, so I ordered the nachos to share.  Went to the bathroom and came back to FONDUE.  My friends said the waiter claimed these were the nachos.  

Upon re-review of the menu, I decided that I was being punked ?. The lukewarm dish in front of me met the description of fondue not nachos!  I went back to the waiter and told him the same complaint. He said those were “the only nachos they had.” I literally had a five minute convo about the nachos with him before ordering and he failed to tell me this! *shakes fist in the air*

Crawl for the Culture-18

I like to give my sour with some sweet!  So here is the sweet, the other dishes including the burger  looked delicious and I hear their taco night is pretty good.  Despite the issues I saw with the food, the other bar components are on point.  Live Oak draws a great crowd which is why I included them on my new happy hour list.  As far as setup, Live Oak has a decent sized covered patio plus tables and chairs all around.  This allows for the kind of grown folks lounging I have grown accustomed to.  Best of all, their drinks are good!  I would say my drink from Live Oak (which I failed to photograph), was the best drink of the evening.   So despite, the sour I would certainly go back!

Crawl for the Culture-19

Don’t this burger look good?


I really had a great time at the pub crawl.  All of the attendees were friendly and seemed to really enjoy themselves!  The organizers told me they want to do more pub crawls and perhaps events that involve food.  I will be sure to share their future events on my social media and highly recommend attending!

Update!  The Crawl for the Culture hosts are back with a new event! Click here to purchase your tickets ->