I got a tad bit stressed thinking about writing these Paris food posts! We ate so much stuff that I want to share on my blog!  Rather than boring you all with several posts documenting every single morsel that I ate over the course of a week like a fitness food diary, I decided to focus on the highlights!  I will keep those lowlights on the cutting room floor, which in this case just may be Instagram. Look,  a good food picture must be shared even if the food was meh!  Any who back to the issue at hand, here are my food highlights from Paris!  From street food, to food at a market, your typical Parisian cafe and even a famed restaurant.  Bon Appétit!

Everything at Angelina’s

This may have been the only place that I researched prior to, that I actually ended up visiting.  Online reviewers touted Angelina’s for their world class hot chocolate and since we visited during the fall, it seemed fitting to stop by!  We ended up coming for hot chocolate, but staying for a full meal.  Hands down, this was my favorite meal in Paris!  I ordered the crab ravioli from the appetizer menu so I could justify the croissant, hot chocolate AND desserts I planned to order. 

Best croissant I had the whole week and trust I had plenty! Hehehe

Best croissant I had the whole week and trust I had plenty! Hehehe

Let me break down that hot chocolate for you.   Have you ever imagined melting down a chocolate bar into a coffee cup and sipping that?  That is exactly what Angelina’s hot chocolate is!  I am sure there is milk included to make it, but it does not have the typical coffee consistency as American hot chocolate. I loved it so much, I bought two boxes to take home!

Most of the desserts prominently featured chocolate, a Paris speciality.  Again, this ain’t like at home.  The chocolate is rich and does not seem to include so much added sugar.  We each ordered a different small dessert and shared among the group.  I think they all were good, but of course my dessert was the best! After the food, we headed down to the gift shop downstairs.  They of course sell their famous hot chocolate in a variety of ways and will box up those desserts to go for you.

Also do not be dissuaded by the popularity of this spot.  I do not think it qualifies as a tourist trap as there were plenty of locals eating there too.  The French woman next to us seemed to really enjoy our English banter as much as we enjoyed hearing her speak French. 

Cafe George V

On our first full day in Paris, we strolled down Champs Élysées from the Arc De Triomphe in search of some food!  A super personable waiter convinced us that Cafe George V was where we needed to be.   He seated us near the front of the cafe with the perfect natural light for my food pictures.  For my entree, I ordered the croque monsieur, which had been on my list of Paris must haves.  We then sipped on a light raspberry cocktail called the Royal Chambrong!  Finally, our waiter brought us out a plate of amazing Parisian deserts for us to pick from.   Apparently, a famous pastry chef was operating out of their kitchen on that day offering more dessert options.  Ironically a few days later, I happened upon a small dessert shop with the exact same desserts so I guess she must be everyone’s favorite pastry chef! 

The Christmas Market

Nestled at the end of the famed Champs Élysées, is this fun Christmas market highlighting my favorite holiday of the year.  This market alone is proof positive that traveling to Paris during the winter is JUST as rewarding as the typical summer trip! The market’s gift offerings where unique items from local artists and/or small companies.  It reminded me a lot of the Nutcracker Market here in Houston in that respect.  As a tourist though, the food is what caught my eye the most! While I did not try any of the food, I did pick up a glass of “vin chaud” or hot wine! This really should become a thing in the states.  You can never get enough of wine options. 

Vin Chaud!

Vin Chaud!

Ice Cream at La Belle Ferronniere

In Paris we were good for just walking down random alleyways as if we lived there.   We ventured away from Champs Élysées and happened upon La Belle Ferroniere.   I ordered a simple pasta dish here, which was good, but what stood out most here for me was the ice cream!  Not only was it delicious, but it came out in the cutest stainless steel ice cream dish. The vanilla ice cream reminded me of the types we have at home, but the chocolate?! It had the richness of a chocolate bar! I am not even the hugest fan of chocolate ice cream, but I LOVED this. 

The Bread!

The way to my heart is through a bread basket, so in Paris I was right at home!  Every where we went there were baguettes for sell, croissants abound and scones.  I loved them all!  One that sticks out to me though is the little scone I picked up from a shop called Aloha near our hotel. It had the perfect crunchy exterior and the soft inside.  


I will not lie to you guys and say that crepes are a favorite dish of mine, but hey when in Rome you do as the Romans!  By my estimate Crepes are Paris’ favorite street food.  We saw so many carts peddling out sweet and savory crepes with a variety of toppings.  We finally picked one up just outside of Sacre Coeur.   This was actually a brick and mortar shop making crepes to those who passed by out of  a store window! This was too cute to pass up so I went for a Nutella crepe.

Sausage with a Baguette

A few steps from the crepe we encountered another shop selling sausages served on baguettes with grilled onions.  Since I’m greedy I ordered one of those too!  The aroma from these sausages told me this was not one to pass up!   Just like the crepes, I saw similar configurations of sausage stands all around the city especially at the Christmas market, but this was probably the best one so i am SO glad we ate here instead. 


I shared with my sister because it is clearly too much for one person. One of my favorite dishes from the weekend.


I mean look at this? How can you walk by this setup?!


Despite being a food blogger, I am not a brave eater, so traveling to a foreign country really pushed me out of my comfort zone.   Quite a few items I had were fails, but hey that is all part of the experience.   My sister and I walked away from Paris saying we had some  memorable meals while my mother and aunt gave the food a thumbs down.  The only place they really liked was a cafe called “Indiana” which served American fare with a Chili’s like menu.  Yes, they had me in the Chili’s of Paris y’all!  Regardless of their bad food experience, we were all happy to say that we have this experience under our belts!

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not tell you all about the little food souvenir that Paris left me with *insert stale face*  I got food poisoning y’all on my last day in Paris!!!  Yes I see the irony of a food blogger getting food poisoning while on the trip of the lifetime so you can save your jokes and I will save you the gruesome details.  The sad part is now I cannot feature any of the spots I ate that day for fear that one of them is the culprit!  Thankfully I am finally starting to bounce back although it has taken me a whole week.  

I hope you all are enjoying this series! Make sure you subscribe or keep up with my subsequent posts, I still have a lot more to say about my vacation :).

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