Can I talk about black girl magic a little before I get into this post? It is somewhat relevant here I promise.  Today our nation woke up to a new President elect.  It shakes me to my core to think President Barack Obama will be followed by a candidate who ran on fear and bigotry.  I’ll save you my legal and historic rant on that for another time and venue.  Despite all that I believe went wrong with this election, when I scanned the exit poll returns  I was SO proud to see how black women voted.  We are not a monolithic group and there are issues that impact each of us differently, but in this instance we came together en masse to reject hate.  It warmed my heart to see that black women stood strong against bigotry, misogyny, racism, homophobia and a host of other issues.  WE are the backbone of what makes this country great and if no one else recognizes our magic, our shine and our strength know that I DO and I love you all for it.  So no matter how MAD and disappointed I am today with our country, I find hope in knowing that if don’t nobody love me my sisters DO! *plays Seat at the Table and sways*

In that same vain of sister girl love, a few weeks back I received an email from a local business owner named Brandice.  She started her email identifying herself as a black girl who brunches, i.e. my new friend :). The most important part of her email though, was the introduction of her company, My Served Meals, which specializes in creating chef prepared meals delivered right to your door.  So basically an ideal food option for the busy professional or working parents!
I believe in supporting local business, women owned business and minority owned businesses.  With Brandice, I hit the trifecta and could not have been more thrilled about her business and the fact that she deemed me worthy of trying it.  Check out my review below!

Shipping and Arrival

Since the company is local the box arrived within 24 hours of my shipping notice.  Knowing the items were perishable, I tried to watch the package through the tracking info I was provided.  UPS failed at delivering my perishable items early though.  By the time I received it, all of the ice packs used to carefully maintain the item were melted, but the items remained cold thankfully.  This fault rests solely on UPS though! They knew those items were perishable *shakes fist at UPS*

Before storing the items in the fridge, I reviewed the instructions and the packaging.  Each item was carefully packaged in a plastic container.  Within the container, all of the elements of your meal are vacuumed sealed separately.  This packing allows them to keep much longer in the fridge than your average to go items and of course even longer in your freeze if needed.

The Preparation

I ate the two dishes over the next few days.  The instructions said the best way to prep them is to warm in boiling water.  I followed the instructions, but turned my oven on just in case the items lacked the consistency I wanted. After bringing my water to a rapid bowl, I dropped my items in, waited about ten minutes and served. It really is that simple! The boiling aspect actually does cook the items to perfectly so no oven needed.   There are also directions for the oven and microwaving, but again, I think the boiling method is your best bet.

The Food

To the eye the food looked great! Still I was weary because food can look great and not be appetizing. The first dish I prepared was the pulled pork with verde salsa and grilled corn.  As soon as cut open the bag of the pork cooked in, the beautiful aroma spilled out.  Then I got excited.  It seemed as if the pork had marinated for several hours in the seasoning and then reheated to the point that it was still tender.  Perfection!


Pulled Pork, rice and corn.


Pulled pork, rice and corn.

Next up I prepared the spicy orecchiette pasta with sausage and broccolini.   The broccolini maintained it’s vibrant green color indicating to me that it was still fresh.  There was even a little dollop of butter inside that melted perfectly during the boiling process.  Then the pasta… it was so good!  I want to note that these are not those frozen dinners you pick up at your local grocery store.  As I ate, I could see the fresh ingredients like onions throughout the dish.  These ingredients also were apparent in the taste. They were not playing about that spice either.  Best of all, the portion was HUGE, so I had enough for lunch the next day.
img_0842 img_8476


I really enjoyed the meals! The items were seasoned and cooked well, but best of all reheated well through the boiling process.  I look forward to seeing how My Served Meals expands over the next few months :).