I come bearing gifts!!!  The good folks over at Degusta box invited me to try one of their subscription boxes for a month and share my thoughts with you all my readers.  Please know, if I do not like something I will not share it here! As you can tell from this post, I was thoroughly impressed with the Degusta Box.  Check out my thoughts and the giveaway details below!

How It Works

Degusta box is a monthly subscription box that delivers all of the best new snacks to your door each month.   Subscription boxes like Curlbox or Birchbox seem to be all the rage right about now, so I was excited when the makers of Degusta box invited me to try out theirs.  My first box was packed full of stuff and weighed about eleven pounds!  They really packed in a lot of good stuff for $20/month. Each box includes 10-15 items for you to try, many of which are new items on the market.

List of the items I received!

List of the items I received!

What I Liked


I scrunched my nose up at the Honees Cough Drops thinking, “it’s summer, I will not need these!”  Literally, the next day I was nursing a sore throat right before my epic 30th birthday shindig.  When I tell you I inhaled these things.  Taste wise, they are similar to other cough drops I have tried except for the drop of liquid honey inside each piece.   The honey must have made the difference because I was fine a day later.  I also tried the Wise Popcorn.  The highlight here is the size of the bag and only 80 calories.   Even better, they have a cinnabon flavor!

Few other notes, I shared the wealth with family and co-workers.  My co-worker found the Orchard Valley Harvest nuts and dried fruits to be a great healthy work snack.  My sister came away with the best haul including the Haribo gummy bears, cinnamon jiffy and the Elmhurst Harvest almond milk.  She finished off all of these so my take is they are pretty good.  As you can imagine, I do not get to eat home too much with this whole restaurant blogging thing, so I have not had a chance to whip up anything with the Soy Vay Teriyaki sauce and I also intend on sipping on those Topo Chico Mineral Waters poolside sooner than later.  OH and like your typical black girl, I will be trying the coconut oil for my next hot oil treatment.

What I Made

Many of these items are just snacks that you can eat on your own, but some were ingredients that allowed you to be creative! The Brianna’s vinaigrette caught my eye immediately.  I decided to make a simple pasta salad with the vinaigrette and it came out amazingly well!   With some simple pasta, I threw in some fresh garlic, orange pepper, spinach, pepper, feta cheese, black pepper and Italian seasoning.  I wish I had some red onion to add for color too.  Then I added a nice helping of the Briannas vinaigrette to the mix.  It was not my prettiest pasta salad but ohhh was it good.  The vinaigrette has typical Italian flavors, but what makes it stand out is the kick of spice that you catch at the end.  It paired well with my other ingredients and will definitely be something I pick up from my local Whole Foods on my next trip.


After making my ehhh “masterpiece”, I saw the back of the info sheet has a few recipes including one for a pretty pasta salad.  Next time I shall use that!

The Giveaway

By using my discount code (8UJ4Z) you will receive your first box for 50%!  Just enter my code at checkout and you will receive your first box for $9.99.  To make this even more fun, I am also giving one free box to one lucky reader.  To enter the giveaway just comment below.  I will announce the winner sometime this weekend.  Good luck and as always thank you for stopping by!