A good Sunday Funday spot requires a few things.  Drink of course, preferably drink specials too.  Good eats.  A patio so that you can enjoy the sunny Spring weather.  Oh and this all needs to happen during the day, because the Monday morning workday calls :(.   After a few busy months,  my foodie group and I met for a long overdue brunch/relaxed Sunday Funday adventure at the Brooklyn Athletic Club.


Location/Setup: Brooklyn Athletic Club is right at Richmond and 59.  The parking situation is a little odd.  For valet, you literally pull up into the restaurant.  I felt like I was going to drive right through the main building! I carefully maneuvered that situation as slowly as possible and I suggest you do the same!

For the setup, Brooklyn Athletic Club is an outdoor restaurant with tons of patio space.  On the backside there is space for a DJ or band and tables all around. There are plenty games including golf and bean bag toss games.  This spot has all of the components of the ideal Sunday Funday location.  It is relaxed no frills bar with food.  What more could you ask for as you say goodbye to the weekend?

Food: As we typically do, we ordered A LOT of stuff.  I started with the Clubhouse Burger with fries which was supposed to include green tomato and jalapeno jam.  Since I am a picky eater, I keep my burgers simple, generally just cheese, bacon and lettuce.  I expect the seasoning of the burger to bring in the flavor. Here, all those add ons that I opted out of were intended to provide the flavor, so I was a tad bit disappointed.  I imagine with all of the toppings, the burger rates better.  The fries though were perfection.  Salted perfectly and a generous portion.

Brooklyn Athletic Club Clubhouse Burger

The Clubhouse Burger with fries!

My friends also ordered the crab cake, fish and chips, gumbo and the South Texas Club.  All of the food was decent, but the crab cake stands out as GOOD for me.  Finally we ended the day with the s’mores bread pudding which online reviews raved about.  One of my friends considers herself a bread pudding connoisseur and I have met few desserts that I am not willing to try.  We went into this dish with high hopes and were pretty disappointed.  I would say skip over the bread pudding and just grab another cocktail.

Drinks:  The DRINKS is where this spot wins.  Our group tried the Southside, the Beeline and the Pimms cup.  I heard few complaints on the drinks, so I would say you are safe to pick any drink on the cocktail list.  Plus, the bartenders are super friendly and helpful when it comes to selecting drinks.

IMG_2212 IMG_2211

Overall: For me, the food was not the best I have ever experienced in Houston, but the drinks and atmosphere makes this a place that I would go back to! It is beautiful and the perfect Sunday Funday spot.  I will just grab fries and a cocktail on my next visit.

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