So I got a little “tipsy” with a few of my Houston Food Blogger Collective friends this past Friday! Kim from Adventures in a Newish City, organized an ice cream tasting for us at the Tipsy Dessert Bar to try their dairy free alcohol infused ice cream! But first, we needed to fill our bellies with some good food.  We stopped over at Helen’s Greek and Wine for dinner.  I blogged about this amazing spot a few months back and since then, they have been nominated for a James Beard award. They are the real deal now! I was not on a work lunch like last time, so I indulged in a little rosé.  Then I ordered this beauty for my entree, divine!

After stuffing our faces at Helen’s we walked a block over to the Tipsy Dessert Bar right in the heart of Rice Village.  You may recall my review of the Tipsy Dessert Bar Festival several months ago, which was an event featuring several vendors specializing in alcohol infused desserts.  Well the organize of that event was Bridget, the owner of Tipsy Dessert Bar.   After the festival, she opened her storefront in Rice Village where we visited.


Alcohol infused ice cream is somewhat of a novelty, so we asked for the background. Bridget said she never understood why stores did not sell ice cream infused with liquor.  There was of course ice cream with wine, but none with the hard stuff.  A Chemist by trade, Bridget decided to just create her own and the Tipsy Dessert Bar was born.  Of course a background in Chemistry helped when it came to freezing the ingredients in a manner that creates the perfect product.

When we arrived to the store we ohhhed and ahhhhed over the adorable space decorated with typical ice cream ingredients and toppings.  On top of that, she has a dedicated photo booth with props and all.  Not only was the space cute, but it is perfect branding.

Now on to the ice cream! We tasted Red Velvet Cake infused with cake vodka, Blueberry Muffin-tini infused with blueberry vodka, Apple pie infused with Crown Royal Apple and a Sangria made with a cabernet.  The flavors were strong and what stood out the most.   With everything, one bite into it and you felt as though you were devouring a slice of apple pie or red velvet cake opposed to eating it in ice cream form.  It reminded me of the gum that took Violet Beauregarde out in Willy Wonka’s factory.  So much flavor in a tiny little serving! Bridget said with everything she uses the real ingredients in the mix before freezing. For example, the red velvet ice cream includes real cake in the mix.  For the fruit inspired ice cream there were definitely bits of blueberry and apples trhoughout.  Not to mention everything is made with coconut milk so it is dairy free for the Vegans and those that are lactose intolerant.

My favorite ice cream of the night was the Red Velvet.  I made sure to get a carton to go for ten bucks.  Not bad especially when you consider the 20 percent alcohol content.  The ice cream tasting which was only $15 per person made for a fun Friday night experience.   There is also mixology classes for those that want a more in depth experience.  Oh and yes I am a lightweight, but I walked away from the tasting just fine.  I am not sure how much ice cream it would take to actually be “tipsy.”  If someone else experiments, let me know the results!