Lunch seems to be the only time I am getting out in these Houston streets and trying new restaurants! Here I am again with another edition of my Friday work lunch.   This particular week, as soon as  I walked into work, both of my co-workers peppered me with “Where are we eating Erika???”  questions.  Ohhhh the pressure!! I checked a few national food blogs and happened upon Bistecca Houston Italian Steakhouse, a new restaurant in the Montrose area! The reviews were good so we figured we would take the chance!



I have passed Bistecca a couple of times since it opened and will admit the street view caught my eye.  Black and white is my favorite color combinations, so anything with that theme will have my attention.   Once inside, I was greeted with black and white decor plus a pop of yellow that really brightens up the restaurant.  If I could turn that restaurant into a condo, I would!  As far as the setup inside, there is a main dining room with large windows that face the street.  Just to the side of that there is a smaller room that likely can be partitioned off for private events.  The prettiest part about the dining room was the counter to ceiling bar! My co-worker took visual inventory and let me know that Bistecca had ALL the good liquor!

The Bar

The Bar



Hands down one of the best Friday lunches we have ever had.  Our waiter was very attentive and even asked us if we had time constraints before we made our lunch selections. We adhere to the hour lunch rule so I was thankful that he thought to ask.  Once our food arrived, it was clear that the chef put in a lot of effort in the creation and plating of our dishes.  In my experience, this type of attention is common for dinner, but not so much for lunch! We appreciated the attention.  Made us feel special :).

We started out with bread and tapenade.  Let me be honest, this was the first time I had ever heard the term “tapenade.” My co-worker pointed out that Peyton Manning has a cable commercial where he talks about tapenade, but I never paid attention to it.  So if you are uncultured like myself, it is basically pureed olives.  Despite my reservations and not caring for olives, I enjoyed it!  The flavor was bold and went well with the crusty Italian bread.

JPEG image-5B9A7B284721-1

I ordered spinach and ricotta ravioli with braised beef cheeks.  This dish was SO good! The beef cheeks were tender enough that my fork sliced right through them.  One thing I hate about fancy restaurants and their pasta dishes is that they are served lukewarm and slightly undercooked.  At Bisstecca, my dish arrived piping hot and the pasta was cooked perfectly. The inside as stuffed with spinach and ricotta, two ingredients that are perfection together for me.  Like a glutton, I finished off that entire dish and did not feel bad about it!

JPEG image-7FE2FEAE8F28-1




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Overall: I genuinely liked this spot, as did my co-workers.  Since it is a steakhouse, I imagine that dinner time is the ideal time to go so hopefully I can make it back soon and update you all on that experience as well.

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