The good folks over at Stay.Com asked me to create a list of my favorite Houston Brunches for tourists looking for local haunts in my hometown.  The list, entitled “Out for Brunch in Houston,” is similar to my own favorite Houston Brunch list that I made earlier this year with a few new additions!  I made sure to include places that were created right here in Houston like Max’s Wine Dive.  Max’s is now all over the country, but the original is right here on Washington.  Also, I had to add our quintessential Houston breakfast spot, the Breakfast Klub.  Standing in line at the Breakfast Klub with the after church crowd is just what we do here.  I also considered myself as a tourist and when I travel I appreciate low key spots, so with that in mind, I added places like Adair Kitchen and Rustic Oak.  They are not typical tourist draws, which I think is the plus.  Overall, the list showcases what Houston does best, FOOD during the best mealtime brunch.

Be sure to check out or download their app and browse the local guides for Houston and other cities worldwide.   Best of all you can view these guides offline.   When I travel, I try my darnedest to avoid tourist traps with the exception of those places featured on my favorite reality shows. seems to put emphasis on local guides crafted by knowledgable locals, so you do not have to go to the places crawling with tourists with sky high prices. Additionally, lets you create your own guides for cities as you travel.  After experimenting with your own guide you can save it and share it with friends.  I browsed Stay.Com before creating my post and I have to say I liked it and found it useful.  I am excited to use for my next big trip in 2016!

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