I appreciate brunch, and the many different types of brunch spots that are available here in Houston.  You need goto places for the days that you are feeling fancy and want to dress the part.  You also have to keep a list of places where sweats, no makeup and hair in a bun will not be a faux pas.   A few weeks back, after spending the night turning off weather alerts for an impending flood, my friend and I were in dire need of one of those simple laid back brunch spots.  We decided on Punk’s Simple Southern Food.  As a general rule anything with simple in the name will welcome you in sweats.

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Punk’s is located in Rice Village, but off of the main thoroughfare.  I did not see much parking so I valeted and no it’s not complimentary, booo.  Next time, I will park near Torchy’s and just walk over a block.   Like so many of the unique restaurants popping up all around this city Punk’s has character!  There is so much attention to detail.  From the chairs, to the pictures about, even the water fountain that holds mints for guests as they leave.  There was also a large outdoor space with plastic walls to protect you from the elements.  I think my favorite thing was the huge SOUTHERN sign in the back of the restaurant.  Oh and they had SEC college football, my alma mater’s conference, on all the TV screens.

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We had the nicest waiter and he was very accommodating after I kept peppering him with questions.  What is this breaded with? Do you guys host parties? Do you always have SEC football on??  I probably annoyed him, but he did not show one ounce of annoyance, so I appreciated him.

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When people mention Punk’s, they mention biscuits.  I am all about going with the signature dish, so we went with the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits.  Hold the egg for me.   Our waiter brought our biscuits out in brown wax paper in what I imagine is an ode to McDonalds, but better.  I am a bread lover, so as long as the biscuit part is fine, then I am a fan. This biscuit is perfect. It’s that super soft buttery biscuits that gets stuck to the roof of your mouth, which should be annoying, but that is a sign of perfect texture for me.  The bacon and cheese were alright, but the star in this combo is the biscuit itself!

After finishing that, I was itching to try something else.  I ordered the waffle and wings.  The waffle was decent, but fairly run of the mill.  I did like the wings though because instead of your typical flour breading, the chef threw in some panko bread crumbs to give it a crunchy texture.  I think the breading kept in some of the natural juices too.  Plus that had a decent amount of seasoning, so I would definitely recommend their wings.

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Punk’s served it’s purpose for us.  A comfy brunch spot where you can grab some good food without breaking the bank.  It is on my list of places to return to for sure.

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