A Giveaway PLUS a Deal!

Few weeks back I wrote about the upcoming Tacolandia event hosted by Houston Press.  The event is scheduled for Saturday October 24, 2015.  This event will feature an unlimited supply of tacos for the cost of entry.  The organizers are hoping to provide a big variety of tacos including seafood and veggie options for the vegetarian crowd.  I for one love tacos, so I am very excited to attend this event.  Tickets are already on sale, but for one lucky reader of my blog, I am giving away TWO tickets to this inaugural event.  Check out the rules for entry [...]

Houston Press Tacolandia

Houston Press is hosting their first Tacolandia at Buffalo Bayou Park on October 24th.  An entire event dedicated to tacos?? It's like the people at Houston Press read my mind.  I love a good taco, but I have really been interested in the fun unique things that chefs are doing with a taco!  We have moved well beyond meat, salsa and cheese folks.  This event will showcase all the best Houston has to offer in the taco "food group."  For the cost of admission, you will be able to sample as many tacos as your stomach can endure.   Houston [...]

Taco Tuesday!

Living in Houston, Texas means you will be inundated with Tex-Mex restaurants.  It's kind of our niche thing here.  If you have ask any Houston Foodie their favorite Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurant, be prepared for a long list of options.  I am no different!  One day, I will make a list of my favorites, but for today I am just featuring one that I frequent often, Torchy's Tacos!!! Torchy's started in Austin, Texas as a food truck and was so successful they were able to open a brick and mortar store. They eventually expanded to Houston and have grown rapidly here. [...]