Diner En Blanc Tips & Review

This past Sunday marked Houston's Inaugural Diner En Blanc.  Despite my previous snarky post, I actually had a good time! I am already planning for next year's event and eyeing traveling to another location for the event, like Miami, New Orleans or better yet Paris where it all started.  Here is how it all went. Friday, I picked up my rented tables (more on that mistake later) and coordinated with a friend who picked up rented chairs for us.  Leading up to the event, everyone was concerned that it would rain and this elegant event would essentially become a white t-shirt [...]

Diner En Blanc: The Preparations

  So last summer while stalking the Instagram pages of the Blood Sweat and Heels cast, I saw a pop up dinner event that several of them attended. Everyone was dressed in fabulous all white outfits. They brought their own food, alcohol, and table decorations. I was immediately smitten with this idea.  I absolutely love experiences that are centered around food or meals with friends.  I just figured I would have to make a trip to NYC to partake.  Welp after browsing on Zagat one afternoon, I found out that someone deemed Houston worthy enough to host, what is actually called Diner [...]

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