Black Girls Who Brunch Houston Foodie Guide

When friends or family come to visit me in Houston, I take showing them a good time very seriously!  Houston is one of those cities that does not have a reputation like a Vegas, New York or Miami, so it is up to me to show them why I love this city so much. Since I became a food blogger, they all show up expecting me to take them on a culinary tour that is diverse as Houston.  That is where the fun comes in!  With each guest, I try to showcase the growing foodie scene in Houston by highlighting [...]

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The Paris Series: Random Thoughts and Tips

I know it's been over a month since I returned from Paris, but I have more to say!! Spend about a week in foreign countries and you will come home with SO many thoughts.  In this case, all of my thoughts did not fit in my three previous posts so I had to make a whole new posts with my random musings from this trip.  I threw in a few travel tips too :).  Enjoy! Rude? One common thing I heard about Parisians is that they are RUDE.  I did not find that to be true!  While they were not [...]

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36 Hours in New York City

I am the fool who thought it would be a good idea to go to New York City the week after returning from Paris and London.  It sounded good in theory, you know that jet setting life that we all thought we would be living after college.  Well, that life is only good in theory because I am TIRED.  Despite still dragging from all of these travels I still must recap my trips here on BGWB for you all.  So here is what happened when I spent about 36 hours in New York City!' Back at it again! [...]

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Day Trip to London

Oh London, I hardly knew you! As soon as we booked our trip to Paris, I began looking at ways to maximize our trip by visiting other cities and/or countries.  Rome was top of my list, but a twelve hour train ride seemed out of the question.  The next option though, London proved perfect!  We could travel there, for just a day and get a taste of the city. So a couple days into my Paris vacation, we stopped over in London!  Here are all of the details of my day trip to London! Getting There Beautiful decorations at the train station! [...]

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The Paris Series: What to See

Pardon me for the delay in getting these Paris posts out.  I have doing the most and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to go to New York the week after returning from Paris (more on that later).    I am now back, rested and ready to share with you lovely folks the rest of the details from my trip!! So since my last post one of my friends bought a ticket to Paris and has been picking my brain about my trip. Oh and best of all, she got a deal on her flight! I used [...]

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The Paris Series: The FOOD

I got a tad bit stressed thinking about writing these Paris food posts! We ate so much stuff that I want to share on my blog!  Rather than boring you all with several posts documenting every single morsel that I ate over the course of a week like a fitness food diary, I decided to focus on the highlights!  I will keep those lowlights on the cutting room floor, which in this case just may be Instagram. Look,  a good food picture must be shared even if the food was meh!  Any who back to the issue at hand, here [...]

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The Paris Series : How to Score A Flight Deal

*Grabs you by the hand* we are about to embark on an incredible journey that includes a trip to two countries (kinda three).  If you are down for the ride this will be a series of posts which I have labeled "The Paris Series."  These posts will not include all foodie stuff like I normally do, but what you will get are details and tips from an amazing trip! Shall I begin with how this started? Of course you want the origin story! Here it goes... I have been itching to travel across the seas since my early twenties.  It's [...]

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Aloft Downtown Houston

On a rare occasion, this food blogger life allows me access to some pretty cool things before the general public gets a chance to view it.  In these instances I of course have to share all of the details with my BGWB friends!   If you have paid attention, Houston's downtown is brimming with new hotels and developments ahead of the Superbowl.  The Aloft Downtown is part of that new boom.  Unlike many of the other spots though, this one features a rooftop bar and pool which will be open to the public!  This is not your typical foodie spot, [...]

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Heading Home to Mizzou

I went "home" last weekend to my alma mater University of Missouri.  I spent seven years of my life there between undergrad and law school, but have not been back much since I graduated.  Let me start with the obvious question here before I get to the food stuff!  If you keep up with the news you are probably thinking hmmm she's a black alum of the school with all of the race issues??! Yep,  the same University that was rocked by protests related to race issues last year.  I won't recount all that happened last fall, but the student [...]

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Cali Dreamin’

I went back, back to Cali, Cali to celebrate my sister's 25th birthday! With it being August, we had the benefit of perfect no humidity weather.  *Looks at Houston forecast, take me back!* For this trip, my sister had her crew which I like to call "the turn up crew" while I had my two friends, "the old lady gang!"  Check out the food highlights below! 2/3 or the Old Lady Gang and the turn up crew! Ahhh Rodeo. I felt home here hahaha Duff's Cake Mix Raise your hand if you were obsessed with Ace [...]

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