Hi! I’m Erika and welcome to my blog! :)

I hate to call myself a foodie because truth be told I am actually a picky eater.  More than anything I just love eating out! This love probably goes back to my childhood, where every Friday we piled into our minivan and headed to our neighborhood Fuddrucker’s or Willie’s Ice House.  It was probably the highlight of my week.   I have somewhat “upgraded” restaurants since then, but what I love remains the same.  The atmosphere, the service, the overall experience and of course the food.

A few of my friends, fellow black female attorneys, and I recently started a foodie group where we venture to local restaurants once a month.  We dine on as many menu options as possible, talk and laugh.  We are the personification of black girls who brunch.  Then my sister and I have set out to try as many local restaurants that our waistlines and wallets can endure.  Between these two groups, the occasional happy hour and outings with other friends, I have gathered enough “experiences” to share.

I love my hometown and while we may not have our own unique cuisines known the world over like New York or New Orleans, we do a lot of cuisines WELL.   Houstonians are consistently ranked at the top of “Cities Who Eat Out the Most” lists.   Now this also consistently puts us at the top of “fattest cities” lists. The root of both of these distinctions is the plethora of restaurant choices we Houstonians enjoy.  When you move past the franchise restaurants dotting Houston in our countless strip malls, you will find so many great local restaurants. Those are the ones that I love to “discover”.   This blog is dedicated to my Houston restaurant “adventures” and maybe a few out of town posts. Enjoy!


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