Guesssss what?! I found my very own authentic French cafe, French Rivera Bakery and Cafe, right here in Houston!  Well okay, I did not find it.  Several friends and fellow bloggers had encouraged me to stop by for some true French pastries right in my “backyard.”  I finally made it by a few weekends ago for a quick breakfast.  Here is a quick post sharing my experience.

The Setup


Apparently the current location is an upgrade from a previous spot the restaurant occupied for decades.  The newer digs has it’s own parking lot which is great, but let me tell you it was FULL on Saturday mid-afternoon.  Once inside guests order at the counter and dishes are brought out to them.  Like most bakeries, many of the pastries are on display to catch your eye and then your wallet.

There is a large indoor area and of course a patio which is great when the weather is nice.  I also loved that the restaurant made an effort to stay true to the French cafe “theme.”  They added the typical French cafe chairs which you see on every corner in Paris.  They also squeeze as many tables in there as possible just like French cafes.  The only thing missing were the front face patio chairs, so guests can people watch while having their morning coffee.

The Food

So I went to France earlier this year (check out my recaps here).  I came back thinking I was a real connoisseur of the French pastry and none of y’all will tell me any different.  Being the expert that I am and all, I was a tad skeptical when I arrived, but willing to get it a try!


Since I came for breakfast, I zoned in on that menu and felt a tad discouraged.  All of their breakfast dishes include eggs and I do not eat eggs!  So I skipped over to the pastry selection featured in the display case.  The ham and cheese croissant quickly caught my eye.  I ordered a side of potatoes to ensure I had enough to eat.


The wait staff brought the food to the table and I will admit I was still skeptical, but one bit into that croissant and I was convinced! A buttery consistency with the perfect cheese!  It took me right back to Paris.  So good!  For the potatoes, I’ll be honest and say they were not what I expected but I liked them all the same.   OH and after I had devoured the croissant I glanced at the lunch menu and noticed they also serve croque-monsieur!  So next time I will be ordering that.


I really enjoyed this spot and plan to stop by again for some real deal French pastries.  Also, my coffee drinking friends say they have some of the best coffee in town and they will even add those cute little designs with the foam so it’s a win-win.


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