As a writer/blogger I make note of cute coffee shops that are great work spaces for the days that I just want to get out of the house. Tout Suite was next up on my list of places to try.  I stopped by during the brunch/lunch hour on a Saturday for a snack and a little writing time.  I pulled up the location via Apple Maps, but it sent me to a Jail/Bail Bondsman a few blocks up on Commerce. I thought it was an odd location for a coffee shop, but I confidently hopped out of my car as if I was in the right place.  Yeah, I Apple Maps did me wrong! I had to switch to Google Maps to get the correct directions.  So be careful when pulling up directions!

Once I made it to the right part of Commerce street it was hard to miss Tout Suite.  Large white warehouse building with TOUT SUITE on the side plus plenty of parking.   Tout Suite is larger than most coffee shops, so I did not have to hunt for a table like I do at Agora.  The bakery portion is decorated well and definitely enticing.  I wanted to buy everything I saw.  Oh and my favorite thing were the large windows which brought in a lot of light.  That was great for writing especially on this occasion, when I went old school and brought out my pen and pad.

While there, I learned that Tout Suite is owned by the same people who own the cupcakery, Sweet, in City Center.  The desserts featured are the same or similar to the ones at Sweet, a place I have always loved.  Unlike Sweet, Tout Suite offers a full menu of brunch, lunch and dinner offerings.  I was just here for a snack, so I ordered a croissant and a s’mores mini pie.  Both items were pretty good.  I will probably try brunch the next time I go.  Seemed like most people eating around me went for the full on brunch/lunch dishes, with the most popular being the acai bowl.

I think Tout Suite is best described in pictures.  Check out the gallery below!



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