The good people over at Zifty reached out to me via email inviting me to try their delivery service.  They explained that Zifty is a delivery service that partners with local restaurants to deliver great food to your front door.  We are talking real restaurants here, not just your typical pizza and sandwiches! They called me a Zifty VIP in the email and lets be honest flattery and fancy titles will always get you far! I decided to try the service and share it with you good folks if I liked it.  Well, here we are so it is safe to say like Mikey from the Life cereal commercial I liked it!

My sister came over for a lazy Sunday dinner that only required me to make a few clicks on my keys instead of banging some pots and pans for some hours. First step in the ordering process, is visiting the website and browsing the restaurant menus.  The first screen requires your address, and then pulls up restaurants that deliver to your zip code (I think they primarily deliver inside the loop).   There were a couple of restaurants that piqued my interest including Ragin Cajun on Richmond which is what we went with.  We loaded up honey cornbread, boudin, crawfish etoufee, catfish AND gumbo.  YES we are greedy, but it seemed fitting for watching Scandal on a Sunday evening.  All we were missing was Olivia’s signature wine and popcorn.

Parts of the process reminded me of Uber.   After placing your order, the website tells you your drivers name and how long the wait will be.  The website said about 45 minutes until my food arrived, so I busied myself with some chores.  I got sidetracked and did not count the exact time, but our food was at my door well before the 45 minute time limit. Points for them in my book!   I have no clue how the restaurant prepared that food so quickly either.   The delivery driver completed the transaction on an app on his iPhone and also asked for my card to verify for my first purchase.  I liked the use of technology AND also the heightened security in the age of identity theft!

Few things to note, they do not have a ton of restaurants listed yet, but the people of Zifty assure me more are being added.

Our food from Ragin Cajun!

Our food from Ragin Cajun!

Overall I think this is a great service that any lazy food lover would enjoy.  If you try Zifty let me know about your experience!